NCS: The programme to change their future

If you’re a parent/guardian of a teenager and pondering October half-term plans, you’ll want to know
that bookings for the National Citizen Service (NCS) are now open – and filling up fast!

NCS is your teen's chance to gain vital skills as they live away from home, enjoy incredible new
experiences, and meet amazing people.

It’s a life a life-changing programme that equips 16 and 17-year olds with the skills they need for life
and work: teamwork, communication, leadership, confidence, independence and more.

They’ll enjoy a four-day, three-night residential adventure, skill-building training with a focus on
independent living, as well as a chance to deliver a community project on a cause they care about.

Places cost just £50 (£10 for those eligible for free school meals), including transport,
accommodation, food, activities and training.

Make your teen unstoppable: encourage them to book their half-term programme today at

NCSNORTHEAST.CO.UK or call 0191 247 4020