Can you adopt?

Can you adopt?

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Lots of people can adopt and would make great parents, so don’t rule yourself out.

You can adopt with us if:

  • you are single or a couple – couples must have been together in a stable relationship for at least two years
  • you are straight or gay
  • you are over 21
  • you or your partner are permanently living in the UK or the UK has been your home base for more than a year. The legal term for this is ‘habitually resident’.
  • you are living in your own rented or mortgaged home
  • you are financially stable – although you don’t necessarily need to be in work
  • any children in your family are two to three years older than the child or children you may adopt
We also recommend you’re living in the North East or Scottish Borders during the process, so you can easily attend appointments and training in Northumberland. We work with other North East council adoption teams to support adoption across the UK.

Other things to consider:

Police checks
Police disclosure barring service (DBS) records will be checked as part of the process. Certain offences, like crimes against children or violent crime, may affect your application. All offences and the circumstances surrounding them are individually considered within the application process.

Being a smoker does not prevent an application to adopt. However, unless there are exceptional circumstances we don’t place children under the age of five, or children with respiratory difficulties, in a household where there is a smoker.