Hexham Bid Consultation

This consultation asks a number of questions regarding the future of the BID arrangements.

The consultation is now closed. ​ ​The results will be available ​from late afternoon on Monday, 19 March.

​If you want to attend the public meeting ​on Monday, 26 March then ​please register your details using the link below.  

This meeting is open to the public, but please be aware that if spaces become limited then preference will be given to Hexham BID levy payers.

  • To provide all levy payers subject to the Hexham BID an opportunity to comment on the organisation’s future
  • To find out whether you think the Hexham BID should continue, and if so in what form, or if it should be terminated
  • To identify your views, queries, comments and concerns regarding the operation of Hexham BID to date
  • To identify your priorities in ensuring Hexham is a successful town

Hexham Business Improvement District has operated since October 2016, following a successful ballot of local businesses in February 2016.  In December 2017 the Hexham BID Board gave notice to the County Council of their intention to resign and terminate the BID arrangements.  Prior to their resignation it was the Board’s responsibility to undertake a consultation (as legislatively required by the national BID regulations 2004) with businesses subject to the BID levy regarding their proposal to terminate the BID.  

The Board’s resignation took effect from 4th February 2018 and as there has not been a consultation on the proposal to terminate the BID the County Council now want to find out what the views are of all businesses subject to the Hexham BID levy prior to any action being taken.  In the meantime the BID company still exists although it cannot currently operate without a Board of Directors.
Janice Rose
Economic & Inclusion Policy Manager
T: ​01​670 620307
E: surveys@northumberland.gov.uk

Or post to: 
Hexham BID consultation
Northumberland County Council
County Hall
NE61 2EF
The consultation is now closed.  ​​The results will be available ​from late afternoon on Monday, 19 March.

A consultation report will be presented to a public meeting on 26th March from 5pm- 7pm at the Beaumont Hotel, Beaumont Street, Hexham, NE46 3LT.

All responses will be anonymised so that individuals / businesses will not be identified in the report.