Find out about the latest COVID-19 guidance.

Last updated: 29 November 2022. *For full up to date info check

The government has published its plan for living with COVID-19. Read the plan by clicking here.

COVID-19 remains a risk

By remaining vigilant and continuing to follow some simple steps, we can all help prevent the spread of winter bugs: 

  • Get yourself vaccinated. If you’re eligible have your Autumn COVID-19 booster which provides additional protection against multiple variants, and your free flu vaccine.  
  • Continue to wear a mask on public transport and in crowded spaces.   
  • ‘Hands, face, space’ still works against COVID, flu and other winter viruses. 
  • You can help blow viruses away by opening windows and letting in fresh air - keep air flowing. 
  • If you do start to feel unwell, stay at home if you can and limit your contact with other people.
Testing for COVID-19
  • Most people can no longer access free universal symptomatic testing.
  • Lateral flow tests are available to purchase from most major pharmacy chains.
  • Free COVID-19 tests are still available to help protect specific groups, including eligible patients, NHS and care staff. Click here to find out more.
Who can get a booster
A poster showing two viruses as images, one is covid-19 and one is Flu. Text says who can get their vaccine?. NHS logo in corner.
You can get the flu and covid-19 booster vaccine if you are:
  • Adults 50+
  • Care home resident
  • Household contacts of someone who is immunosuppressed
  • Carer
  • Frontline health and social care worker
  • Pregnant 
You can also recieve the flu vaccine if you are:
  • Aged 6 months to 49 in a clinical at-risk group
  • A child aged 2 to school year 9 (School years 7-9 start from 15 December)
You can also recieve the covid-19 booster if you are:
  • Aged 5 to 49 years in a clinical at-risk group

If you are eligible, there are two different ways to access the vaccination: 
  • Via the National Booking Service (NBS), which is available on the telephone via 119, or online by clicking here. New clinics are being added regularly as vaccine supply is confirmed. 
  • Via your local GP practice using a local booking service. You will be contacted via your GP practice if they are offering this service and you do not need to contact them. Please wait patiently to be contacted. You will not be missed if you can’t get to one of the sites offered through the NBS. 

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