Latest information and advice on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The latest information, advice and guidance for residents in Northumberland on Coronavirus (COVID-19).

The latest national advice on coronavirus (COVID-19).

This information was last updated on 25 March 2020.

Guidance is being issued by the government on a daily basis in relation to coronavirus - known as COVID-19.

The most recent guidance

The Prime Minister has now issued a simple instruction - everyone must stay home in order to stop the disease spreading between households.

You are only to leave your home for the following, limited purposes:

  • To shop for essential shopping as infrequently as possible
  • One form of exercise per day alone or with household members
  • Any medical needs or to provide care for a vulnerable person
  • Travelling to and from work but only when absolutely necessary and when you cannot work from home
  • All shops selling non-essential items are to be closed
  • Police will have power to enforce “stay at home” compliance
  • You must not arrange to meet your friends or family members
  • You must not go shopping for anything other than essentials and use food delivery services where you can
  • All weddings, baptisms and other ceremonies cancelled but excluding funerals which may only be attended by close family members
  • All gatherings of more than two people will be stopped in public unless you are from the same household.
  • Libraries, playgrounds, outdoor gyms and places of worship will be closed immediately.

The Prime Minister urged us all at this moment of national emergency to stay at home, protect our NHS and save lives.

  • Whole households should self isolate for 14 days if anyone has either of the two symptoms.
  • Shield over 70s, pregnant women (precautionary measure) and those in high risk clinical groups as per flu. These groups must take extra care to exclude non essential contacts for (at least) 12 weeks.

We’re in regular contact with Public Health England to ensure the very latest guidance is communicated and implemented, as the situation continues to develop. 

New travel advice, information and restrictions are coming into place on a daily basis.

Remember, we can all play a part by:

  • Following public health authorities’ advice, for example on hand washing
  • Reducing the impact and spread of misinformation by using trusted sources, such as that on and
  • Checking and following the latest FCO travel advice when travelling and planning to travel
  • Ensuring you and your family’s vaccinations are up to date as this will help - reduce the pressure on the NHS and social care, through reducing vaccine-preventable diseases
  • Checking on elderly or vulnerable family, friends and neighbours - while still following social distancing and shielding guidelines
  • ​Using NHS 111 online coronavirus service in the first instance if you have any concerns.
  • Being understanding of the pressures the health and social care systems may be under, and receptive to changes that may be needed to the provision of care to you and your family.
  • Accepting that the advice for managing COVID-19 for most people will be self isolation at home and simple over the counter medicines
  • Checking for new advice as the situation changes

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