The latest information and advice for residents in Northumberland regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19).

The latest information and advice for residents in Northumberland regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19).

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Changes to council services

How our services are operating during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

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Where can I take my waste?

Here you will find details of where you can take your waste and recycling. You can also check opening times for household waste recovery centres (tips).

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Northumberland Business Hub

The latest information and advice for businesses affected by Coronavirus (COVID-19).

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Northumberland Communities Together

Northumberland Communities Together has been launched in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. It will make sure our residents are kept safe and well throughout this crisis, and provide coordination to support individual volunteers, voluntary groups and communities across our county.

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Image showing Shielding the most vulnerable

Shielding the most vulnerable

Northumberland County Council is working hard to protect our most vulnerable residents.

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Image showing Concerned for someone’s welfare

Concerned for someone’s welfare

If you are worried about a child or adult's immediate welfare, then please contact our Onecall service.

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Image showing How can I get help?

How can I get help?

This page features information about employability and financial support during the Coronavirus pandemic. There is also information about Northumberland Communities Together, and how they can help you by delivering your food and medicine.

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Latest information and advice on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The latest information, advice and guidance for residents in Northumberland on Coronavirus (COVID-19). This section also includes answers to some frequent coronavirus related questions.

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Northumberland news cover

Northumberland News

A COVID-19 special of Northumberland News containing essential information and advice for all our residents.

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Image showing Northumberland schools

Northumberland schools

Here you will find the latest information about school closures, advice for key workers, and homeschooling resources.

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