Weight management

Support services include exercise referral schemes, weight management programmes, and health trainers, to help residents maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.

How do I know if I am a healthy weight?

A healthy weight usually means being within a set range that compares your weight to your height. It is calculated using a body mass index (BMI) score in adults and a BMI centile in children.

If you're unsure if you have a healthy BMI, the NHS Body Mass Index calculator can help you to find out. 

Managing Obesity 

Tackling Obesity and supporting people achieve or maintain a healthier weight is complex. The causes of obesity exist in the places where we: 

  • live 
  • work 
  • play 

Food and built environment often makes it difficult to make healthier lifestyle choices. 

If you are overweight or obese, you are more likely to develop serious health conditions such as: 

  • type two diabetes 
  • heart disease 
  • strokes 
  • some cancers 

Weight management programmes and support 

The public health service commissions exercise on referral schemes and weight management programmes, which work with local GP surgeries to encourage individuals with health concerns to become more active.  

For Exercise on Referral, a person is referred to a leisure centre by their GP, where they attend an appointment with a member of the fitness team to assess their needs and abilities. They then attend activities, which can include: 

  • fitness classes 
  • swimming 
  • gym sessions 

Visit the Places Leisure site for more information. 

Health trainers offer a free service to anyone living in Northumberland who is over 16. Your GP, district nurse, or other health practitioner can refer you to a health trainer or contact us directly.  

  • If you live in Northumberland, call 01670 784197 or visit the Living Well Northumberland page. 

  • Northumberland’s Roots and Shoots schools programme allows children to learn how to plant and grow fresh food. It involves advice to support school gardening clubs, as well as health education and physical activity programmes. Contact your child's school to see if they are currently involved in the scheme or to encourage them to take part next year. 

  • The role of Northumberland Sport is to increase participation in sport and physical activity. They provide information on their website about sporting and physical activities around the county.