Historic landscape character

This page gives you information about the historic landscape character of Northumberland.

A page about the process that helps us to understand the way that Northumberland’s landscape has been shaped.

It is something that helps us to understand Northumberland’s rich and diverse landscape by looking at the processes that shaped it.

The county was mapped using a geographic information system, aerial photography and modern and historical maps.

This process looked at aspects of the landscape such as fields, woodland, settlements and the coastline, noting boundaries, patterns and land use to see how areas have changed.

The project was part of a national programme supported and developed by English Heritage, in partnership with the council and Northumberland National Park. It is also part of the Northumberland historic environment record.
By increasing our understanding, more informed management decisions can be made.

So far it has helped to inform:
  • agri-environment schemes
  • new planning policy
  • planning applications
  • hedgerow removal applications
  • conservation area appraisals
  • village design statements
  • partnerships with other organisations, such as areas of outstanding natural beauty
  • research agendas
More information is available from Historic England.