Traffic wardens and parking attendants

The role of our civil enforcement officers and how to request footage recorded on their body cameras.

Civil parking enforcement

Civil parking enforcement allows us to enforce the regulations in place to make sure everyone parks correctly and safely wherever parking restrictions exist. In other words, if there is a line or a sign that prohibits people from parking, we can take action.

Civil enforcement officers, make sure everyone follows these rules, which help: 

  • Reduce traffic congestion. 
  • Create safer roads for pedestrians, cyclists, mobility vehicles, etc. 
  • Improve access for public transport. 

When can we not take action? 

If there are no regulations in place we have no power to take action, such as when a car parks on a pavement or grass verge. The police can deal with obstructions on the highway where no signs, lines or regulations are in place and you should contact Northumbria Police on 101 in these cases. 

Video cameras worn by civil enforcement officers

Enforcing regulations does sometimes lead to disputes and we want to create a safe and respectful environment for both the public and our civil enforcement officers to operate in. To help prevent disputes from escalating and to allow issues to be settled fairly, our officers wear cameras to record any incidents that occur.   

The cameras worn are not recording constantly and are only activated when penalty charge notices are issued or if an officer feels threatened. Our civil enforcement officers also should announce when they are activating their cameras so it is clear the interaction is being recorded.   

If you believe an interaction between you and one of our officers has been recorded and you would like to view the footage, complete a subject access request  (SAR) no more than one month after it was filmed. Recordings older than one month are normally deleted. 

Completing a subject access request (SAR)

Subject access enables people to find out what personal data is held about them. SARs for footage recorded on body worn video cameras must be made within 31 days from the date of your interaction with a civil enforcement officer as any recorded footage that is "non-evidential" will be retained for 31 days, after which it will be automatically deleted.   

There is more information about subject access requests and a Subject Access Information Pack to download on our Information Governance pages.  Click here to access the Information Governance pages.   

If you can’t download the form, please email or alternatively, call 0345 600 6400.

Occasionally videos may not be released for legal reasons that will be explained to you.

Parking revenue accounts

For further information on our on and off-street parking accounts showing a breakdown of revenue collected from penalty charge notices, pay and display tickets and permits and expenditure please click here.