Economic growth
The council’s aim is to promote a more prosperous county through sustainable economic growth that provides residents with access to high wage and skilled jobs and opportunities to create thriving businesses.

Places and environment
The council’s aim is to maintain and further improve the quality of our towns, villages and countryside and to make it easier for residents to access services and high quality, affordable homes and to travel using different modes of transport. The places and environment basket of indicators includes data on the quality of the environment, natural resources, town vitality, quality housing and sustainable transport. Stronger communities and families
The council’s aim is to ensure that all residents genuinely feel safe, belong, and have a say in how the county is run, and to provide a range of quality community and cultural services and facilities which inspire creativity and participation. The stronger communities and families basket of indicators includes data on local decision making, crime and disorder, volunteering, poverty and deprivation and troubled families. Health and wellbeing
The council’s aim is to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to lead healthy, independent lives for as long as possible and to safeguard our most vulnerable residents in a way that maintains their dignity and confidence. The health and wellbeing basket of indicators includes data on life expectancy, independent living, protecting children and young people, older and vulnerable adults and adopting healthy lifestyles.