Down's Syndrome North East exhibition organisers standing in front of exhibition

Look at Me – Raising awareness of Down’s Syndrome

Local charity Down’s Syndrome North East, is currently showcasing an awareness raising exhibition at Northumberland County Council, County Hall, Morpeth until the end of September. 

The exhibition features volunteer models with Down's Syndrome who had their photos taken back in 2017. The models were asked to either wear, bring something or pose in a way to say ‘Look at Me’ – this is what is important to me.  

The project captures how the models have grown over the past five years, highlights their interests and achievements. 

The exhibition aims to raise awareness of Down's Syndrome and the fact that like us all, children and people with Down's Syndrome are unique, valuable individuals who share the same emotions, experiences and ambitions as the rest of the population. 

At the exhibition, visitors can also purchase a copy of the book that was produced to show the journey of all the models. ‘Look at Me’ has been donated by DSNE to every primary, first, middle and special school in the north east of England. 

The exhibition also aims to raise awareness of Down's Syndrome North East and the support they offer to individuals and their families. 

Alongside the Look at Me exhibition is Chromosome 21 – defying prejudice. This depicts 6 volunteer models portraying people in famous paintings, created by photographer Kayla Wren. 

Click here to find out more about the project and the exhibition. 

The Look at Me exhibition is currently on display at County Hall reception, Morpeth, Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm (4:30pm Fridays) until Friday 29 September.
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