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Residents asked their views on education system for Berwick

Residents in Berwick and surrounding areas are being called upon to have their say on the future of education in the area as part of a review into options by Northumberland County Council.  

£40 million has been allocated in the in the Council's Medium-Term Plan for schools in the Berwick Partnership. 
The pre-consultation will aid the County Council in ensuring public funds are invested in the right educational structure and will provide Berwick with sustainable schools. 
Councillor Guy Renner-Thompson, cabinet member with responsibility for children’s services, said: “We as a council are committed to ensuring any plans going forward will provide long-term, fit-for-purpose education systems and buildings.  
“The funding allocated will go a long way in doing just that, but we need to hear from the residents in the area in order for us to get this right for children and young people for years to come.” 

Every child living in the County should be able to attend a good, local school - something which the County Council is committed to achieving as one of its priorities.   
Part of the Council’s work to support this priority includes the provision of sound, suitable buildings in which school staff can effectively deliver the broad and balanced curriculum necessary for all children and young people to achieve their full potential, no matter what their abilities.   
In order for children to have the best chance of achieving their full potential, they need good and excellent teaching and learning provision at every stage of their school life.  Whether schools are organised as first, primary, middle, secondary or special, or as faith schools, community schools or academies, each one has a critical role in the experience of every child on their educational journey.  
Cath McEvoy-Carr, Executive Director for Adult Social Care and Children’s Services, said: “The Council is looking more widely at the current system of school organisation in the Berwick area to ensure that any significant investment made in school buildings will achieve best value for the public purse in the form of improved outcomes for children and a long-term, viable school system.”   
Before any formal process of consultation begins, school staff, parents, Governors and members of the wider community are being asked to share their initial thoughts about what they believe the priorities for a good system of educational provision suitable for this area are to create a system that enables children of all abilities to achieve their best.   
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