Catherine Seymour outside Berwick Shelter

Iconic Berwick Shelter set for repairs

A Berwick beach shelter immortalised in a painting by LS Lowry is being refurbished over the coming weeks. 
The shelter, which sits between Berwick Pier and the golfcourse, offers stunning views down the coast and has been used by generations as a place to rest and watch the world go by. 
It gained fame due to a 1959 painting by LS Lowry, entitled “On the Sands”, showing the shelter with his trademark matchstick characters walking around. Lowry was a regular holidaymaker to Berwick and produced a number of sketches and paintings of the town. 
Now work is underway to strengthen the internal brick wall, repair the roof and give the shelter a clean-up. The works are expected to take around a fortnight. 
The work’s been funded by the County Council, Berwick Preservation Trust and £4,995 by Berwick North County Councillor Catherine Seymour from her members small schemes allowance. 
Cllr Seymour said: “The Lowry shelter is an iconic structure in the town and one that attracts a lot of visitors doing the Lowry Trail in the area close to the sand and sea. 
“It needed some running repairs to bring it back to its former glory and I’m delighted the council and the local community have come together to fund these heritage works.” 
Council Leader Glen Sanderson said: “It’s always good to see historical landmarks which help make an area famous being looked after for future generations to use and enjoy. 
“Local members use their small schemes funding for a variety of good uses in their local communities and I look forward to seeing the finished work. Well done to everyone involved. 
Berwick Preservation Trust Chairman Chris Hardie added: “Having established the Lowry Trail in Berwick, following its initial renovation of the shelter some 20 years ago, the Preservation Trust is particularly pleased to be once more associated with the restoration of this well-known and well-loved structure being undertaken in the Trust's 50th anniversary year.” 
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