Image demonstrating New bus gate system to boost road safety in Blyth

New bus gate system to boost road safety in Blyth

A new camera enforcement system on Laverock Hall Road in Blyth has gone live this week. 
The stretch of road between Benridge Park and Portland Wynd has long been bus only, but following the building of a new roundabout at its western end it has become increasingly used by private cars, resulting in extra traffic in this residential area. 
Residents have become concerned over the amount of extra traffic passing through the area, some of which is speeding and causing danger to families. 
The County Council has now installed a camera enforcement system which will monitor passing traffic and issue a penalty to those who contravene the bus-only regulation. 
New traffic signs will be installed to inform motorists of the camera enforcement system, and temporary advance warning signs are in place to highlight the planned start date. 
Only local bus services and emergency vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians will be permitted to pass through the bus gate. Other traffic must use the A1061 and B1523 roads to travel through the area. 
Newsham County Councillor Deidre Campbell said: “It is very welcome news that this new enforcement system is in place.  
“It’s something I’ve been calling for some time so I’m very grateful to the council for now having done this work. 
“We were getting increasing reports of drivers speeding down the road which has always been bus-only and now it can be enforced it should mean much safer streets for everyone who lives in the area. I do hope it’s welcomed by the local community.” 
Council Leader and Cabinet Member for Local Services Glen Sanderson added: “Road safety is of key importance and we’ll always look at the best solutions for individual areas. 
“We hope all drivers will take note of the new enforcement system and ensure they take the appropriate roads.” 
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