Image demonstrating Full Closure Order served on Berwick property following complaints 

Full Closure Order served on Berwick property following complaints 

full closure order has been served on a house in Berwick due to continued and escalating anti-social behaviour at the property and the breaching of Covid 19 regulations 
It followed an investigation by Community Safety Officers from Northumberland County Council’s Housing and Public Protection Service, assisted by Northumbria Police. 
The residence on the Highfields Estate has been closed by Magistrates Court for a period of three months during which time the occupier must leave the premises. 
Penalties for breaching the order include a fine or a period of imprisonment. 
The case was brought to court following an investigation triggerd by multiple and significant complaints about anti-social behaviour in and around the property. The occupier had also breached Covid regulations by constantly having people into his house during the former lockdown. 
Neighbours had to endure numerous episodes of shouting, fighting and drunken and intimidating behaviour arising from adults congregating outside the property. 
The occupier of the premises was offered professional help but did not engage with the support services offered. 
Northumberland County Councillor John Riddle, cabinet member with responsibility for public protection said: "We received numerous complaints from neighbours concerned about the continued acts of anti-social behaviour coming from this property.  
"The county council is committed to protecting the public and tackling any behaviour which has a negative impact on the community. Residents have a right to live in their homes in peace and without fear. During the current coronavirus pandemic it has been particularly concerning for neighbours who feared for their health as well as their safety. 
"Despite our efforts to resolve the problems our warnings were ignored. We hope that this Closure Order sends out a strong message that behaviour which ruins the safety and quality of life for other people in Northumberland will not be tolerated." 
The Closure Order, supported by the Police,  was granted by Magistrates Court under the provisions of the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014.  
Inspector John Swan from Northumbria Police said: “As a police force we are determined to clampdown on all forms of anti-social behaviour and we will do this using every tool at our disposal. 
“This was a private property which often had groups of people congregating to drink alcohol who would fight, shout and bring misery to the wider community. Be warned - just because you own your own home, it does not make you exempt from our enforcement action. 
“Thanks to this partnership work with Northumberland County Council - this property will remain empty for the next three months and give residents the reassurance they deserve and show them we are serious about tackling crime and disorder.” 
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