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Unlimited access to thousands of magazines and newspapers

Northumberland Library members can now access thousands of magazines and newspapers online thanks to a new digital service.

Press Reader has over 6,000 publications from over 100 countries and in more than 60 languages. It is the leading digital newspaper and magazine provider and allows access to full digital editions of national UK newspapers, as well as a wide range of top UK magazines covering a broad range of subjects from travel and food, to politics and crafts.

You’ll be able to explore titles such as the Independent, The Guardian, The Chronicle, The Week, Top Gear, OK , Beano and much more from all over the world. 

The new PressReader platform will allow library members to customise their reading experience, gain international perspectives, and engage with topics of interest through the bookmark, share, translate, and comment features.

Cllr Cath Homer, cabinet member for the library service at Northumberland County Council said: “We are continuously adding to our digital offer to ensure that our members are able to access our services whilst not being able to visit our libraries.

“Press Reader is a fantastic new addition and will allow people to keep up with their latest newspaper and magazine or perhaps even help with learning a new language with publications from around the world, all from the comfort of their own home.”

Simply visit on your PC or laptop or install the app to download newspapers or magazines to your smartphone or tablet. Click on the blue Libraries & Groups button then search for Northumberland Libraries and enter your library card number and PIN to read or listen to a wealth of publications free of charge – try it out today!

The ‘download’ function provides offline access to titles on smartphones and tablets where you have already installed the app.  

For more information on PressReader and how to set it up go to 
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