Image demonstrating Beware of fast flowing water when walking dogs

Beware of fast flowing water when walking dogs

Dog owners are being advised to keep their dogs on the lead when around fast flowing water, following the death of two dogs that were swept away in Northumberland after getting into difficulty in strong currents.

The recent heavy rain has caused rivers across the county to flood and while river levels are starting to drop, the rivers are still fast flowing.

The warning comes after two dogs  tragically drowned in separate incidents on the River Blyth, despite being strong swimmers.

Northumberland County Council’s Head of Housing & Public Protection Philip Soderquest said:

“We are advising dog owners to be extra cautious around open water. Any fast flowing water is a danger for your dog, no  matter how strong a swimmer it is. Currents can cause them to quickly get into trouble and struggle to reach the shore. Flood water is especially dangerous as it's often packed with debris which can injure your dog. 

“ We recommend keeping your dog on a lead around fast flowing water or avoid walking your dog near river banks during periods of flooding.”
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