New bus shelter installed on A1

A grateful resident has thanked Councillor Kate Cairns and Ellingham Parish Council for providing a new bus shelter on the A1.

The resident, who does not drive, said: “It was a joy to see it after a stormy walk up the Avenue. The new shelter gives a much better view of oncoming traffic and gives more weather protection than the old one. I will certainly be making regular use of it and I’m sure others will too.”

The new shelter was part of improvements around the A1 and Ellingham, including clearing edges of the Avenue leading up to the highway. This was organised by Councillor Cairns, who responded to requests made to the parish council and contributed £2,000 from her members’ local improvement schemes budget towards the cost of the shelter.

Councillor Heather Cairns, chair of the parish council, said: “This makes Ellingham a much more sustainable village.”

Councillor Kate Cairns said: “It is not easy to attract investment in rural areas with low populations. This is why I’m delighted to have been able to speak up for residents of Ellingham and secure this new shelter. It will provide a more comfortable experience for those who can’t drive, and make bus travel a more attractive option for those with choice.”

Mr Neil Mundy, a resident of Ellingham Parish, said: “It is fantastic to have a cleaner, wider road. It is safer, the cars are cleaner and it’s better for pedestrians and drivers.”

The bus shelter was installed by Northumberland County Council.  Councillor Swithenbank, cabinet member for local services at the council added: “Councillor Cairns speaks strongly on behalf of her rural residents and made a good case for these improvements. They are great for the area, and are another example of council investment in Northumberland.”
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