Fresh school meals are just a click away

An initiative  that enables  parents to pre-order their child’s school meals on-line has been introduced into two schools in Northumberland and is already proving a big hit with both parents and pupils.

Pegswood Primary School and Horton Grange Primary School are the latest schools to adopt the electronic pre-ordering system Live Kitchen, and it is hoped that following its success other schools in the county will follow their lead.

Head of Pegswood Primary School, Andrew Waterfield said:

“ The system has been in place a month and already we are beginning to see an increase in the take up of school meals. There are benefits all round. It offers parents the comfort of knowing that their child will get to eat the meal they want on the day and as our catering manager is able to prepare the correct numbers of each meal it reduces food waste and helps control food costs. ”

While parents can pre-order their child’s meal  in advance, children can also order on the day. The system has inbuilt security within it and stops children on special diets from ordering foods that they are allergic or have a reaction to.

Local Ward Councillor  Alan Sambrook visited the school recently to see how they system was working. He said:

We have had some really good feedback from the parents who are ordering meals online as they find the system is really simple to use. ”

“ The system also has great benefits for Northumberland County Council from a logistics point of view as it helps with menu planning,  food buying and costing and if a more efficient way of operating a school kitchen. ”
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