Fire and rescue plans and reports

This page sets out what we have done, and what we are planning to do, to reduce risk and improve safety in Northumberland.

The Fire and Rescue Plan presents key priorities and projects during a four-year period. Here you will find annual progress updates, as well as our current Fire and Rescue Plan.

Each new plan builds on previous work, and introduces new initiatives to address risks posed to communities and businesses in Northumberland.

Since the last plan was produced, the performance of Northumberland Fire and Rescue Service has continued to improve, and our aim is to build on this trend in the years ahead.

PLEASE NOTE: When producing a new plan, we undertake a 12-week public consultation programme. This is to ensure that we can capture as much feedback as possible.

Please click here for more information about public consultations.
A Fire and Rescue Plan helps us to assess the local risk to life when there is a fire. It focuses specifically on how we intend to deploy our resources. The plan is an approach to managing risk, and putting people first by concentrating on preventing fire and other incidents from occurring.

Every fire and rescue authority has been required to produce a local integrated risk management plan that sets out the authority’s strategy for:
  • reducing the number and severity of fires, road traffic accidents and other emergency incidents
  • reducing the commercial, economic and social impact of fires and other emergency incidents
  • safeguarding the built and natural environment and heritage 
  • providing value for money
There are a number of key stages involved in producing the plan, including:
  • identifying our existing risks
  • evaluating how well we deal with these risks
  • identifying opportunities for improvement
  • determining policies and standards
  • determining resources
  • consulting with the public
Please click on the links below to view previous plans and reports produced by Northumberland Fire and Rescue Service:


Fire and Rescue Plan 2014-2017


Fire Peer Challenge Report

The Fire Peer Challenge Report took place in 2013, and consisted of a range of activities including interviews, focus groups, and visits to our fire stations.
The delivery of the service statement is managed further through department and station plans. It provides us with our strategic aims and priorities as part of Northumberland County Council.

Please click here to view our current service statement.
As well as providing an excellent service, our communities also expect to know how we provide our services.

Northumberland Fire and Rescue Service has produced an annual Statement of Assurance for our communities to access an overview of our performance.