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Reference Number: 3444
Request Date: 04/12/2017


Regarding commercial property investments made by your organisation. By this I mean property that has been invested in to produce an income and/or capital growth rather than for the delivery of services or housing.

· Has your organisation invested in commercial property as outlined above since 2010 or has it the intention of doing so in the next 3 years?

· If yes:

· can you please send me an electronic copy of the decision(s) taken to approve this policy, or a link to it via a public website?

· how big in monetary terms is the fund available for this activity and how much has been invested to date?

· what is the percentage allocation of the investment between market sectors: offices, retail, industrial, hotel & leisure, other?

· was the investment funded from borrowing or from existing reserves? Please provide the percentage split, where relevant.

· If you did/will borrow money to invest, where did/will you borrow the money from?

· what is the percentage split of investments between those inside and those outside of your geographical/administrative area?


The County Council has not undertaken any investment in commercial property since 2010 and there is no current plan to do so in the next three years.