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Reference Number: 2898
Request Date: 03/08/2017


1. A list of all Airbnb rentals made by your authority so far in 2017, and for 2016

For each record please provide:

a) the first half of the postcode (e.g. BS1, M4)
b) the dates rented
c) the cost, including any extra charges
d) the purpose of the stay

2. How many Airbnb rentals do you currently have on a retainer?

If you have any, for each one please provide the reason(s) why you have them on retainer.

3. How many reports have you received of Airbnb landlords allegedly letting their properties out for more than 90 days a year since January 1, 2016?

4. How many fines or other penalties have you levied to Airbnb landlords for letting their properties out for more than 90 days a year since January 1, 2016?



We do not use Airbnb rentals.


Reference Number: 2921
Request Date: 07/08/2017


1a) If your Council is a local planning authority, has your Council adopted the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) charging powers for development?

1b) If so, when was this adopted?

2ai) If you adopted the powers, how much has your council collected since its adoption as a GROSS figure (including CIL amount due, if applicable paid to parish/town councils)?

2aii) If you adopted the powers, how much has your council collected since its adoption as a NET figure (minus CIL amount due, if applicable paid to parish/town councils)?

2b) If you adopted the powers, how much has your council spent in CIL since the adoption?

2c) If you adopted the powers, how many formal meetings of a Community Infrastructure Board (or an equivalent meeting of Councillors to determine CIL spending) have taken place since its adoption?



To date, Northumberland County Council has not adopted a Community Infrastructure Levy Charging Schedule


Reference Number: 2972
Request Date: 18/08/2017


Can you please provide me with the estimated or actual amount of money spent by the local authority on the following items when administering i) the 2016 EU referendum and ii) the 2017 UK General Election?

Printing ballot papers
Distributing postal votes within the UK
Distributing postal votes abroad
Staff time for
manning polling stations
counting ballot papers
administering postal votes and proxy vote applications
processing received postal votes
Promotional material highlighting the date of the vote across the local authority
Pencils at polling stations
Polling booths
Ballot boxes
Tactile voting devices
Training staff (both counting staff and staff manning polling stations)
Signs directing voters to the polling station
Polling station signs
Hiring polling stations
Transporting ballot papers from polling stations to count centres
Storing completed ballot papers after the election
Provision of disabled access at polling stations



The Freedom of Information Act 2000 provides public access to information held by public authorities.

It does this in two ways:

• public authorities are obliged to publish certain information about their activities; and
• members of the public are entitled to request information from public authorities.

The Act covers any recorded information that is held by a public authority in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and by UK-wide public authorities based in Scotland. ‘Public Authorities’ are defined in Schedule 1 of the Freedom of Information Act and include, inter alia, government departments, local authorities, the NHS, state schools and police forces. The offices of the Returning Officer and of the Electoral Registration Officer are separate to the functions of Northumberland County Council. Information held by the County Council on behalf of these two officers is not covered by the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act, and therefore the Returning Officer is not under any duty to comply with such requests.

The information covered by your request relates to information held by the offices of the Returning Officer and the Electoral Registration Officer and is therefore outside the remit of the FOI legislation.

Where information is requested the Returning Officer’s policy is to comply as a matter of good customer service and transparency providing that this data is not of a sensitive nature, and is not onerous to compile. Unfortunately having considered your request it has been concluded that it would involve a significant amount of officer time to provide a response in respect of this matter, and therefore we are unable to provide you with the information you have requested.



Reference Number: 3010
Request Date: 30/08/2017


Erection of dwelling and detached garage.,,Land South West Of Greystoke Wansbeck Road Ashington Northumberland NE63 8JE,,Ref. No: 13/02469/FUL | Received: Wed 14 Aug 2013 | Validated: Wed 21 Aug 2013 | Status: Decided

1 Copies of the Public Response Neighbour Notifications issued (number issues 3) including postal addresses



The Council has checked the records held on the planning register and we can confirm that three notification letters were sent out on the 23 August 2013 to the householder's of the following properties:

Ochterlony, Wansbeck Road, Ashington, Northumberland, NE63 8JE
Johlin, Green Lane, Ashington, Northumberland, NE63 8DJ
Greystoke, Wansbeck Road, Ashington, Northumberland, NE63 8JE
An extract from the planning records has been enclosed with this response showing details of the neighbour consultation in respect of this application.

Also enclosed is a copy of the notification letter which was sent out for this planning application.

Further information in respect of this planning application is available on the planning file which may be viewed on the Council's Public Access system:



Reference Number: 3013
Request Date: 30/08/2017


Please can you supply the following information regarding Local Authority Lone Workers.

Q.1 Does the Authority have a Lone Worker Policy?

Q.2 How does the Authority convey this information to its Lone Workers?

Q.3 How many staff work at the Authority?

Q.4 How many staff are classed as Lone Workers?

Q.5 What is the preferred training method for Lone Workers i.e. tool box talks, webinar, online courses?

Q.6 Are Lone Workers issued with mobile phones, if so are they iphone, Android, Windows, others?

Q.7 Is there an outsourced Lone Worker solution in use, if so what type of device and who supplies it.

Q.8 If there is a Lone Worker Solution in place when does the contract expire?

Q.9 What is the annual spend on Lone Worker Solutions?

Q10. Please provide contact details for the following Department Heads
· Health & Safety
· Social Care
· Highways, Streets & Public Transport
· Enforcement
· Housing
· Planning
· Leisure & Culture


Q.1 Yes

Q.2 See attachment

Q.3 4209

Q.4 This is dependant on changing circumstances on a daily basis.

Q.5 There is no preferred method. It would be based upon the needs of each service.

Q.6 Not all lone workers are issued with phones as they have access to landlines. However, those lone workers that do have mobile phones are issued with android phones.

Q.7 None

Q.8 None

Q.9  None - in terms of a 3rd party supply as far as we know


· Health & Safety - Kelly Angus

· Social Care - Cath McEvoy

· Highways, Streets & Public Transport - David Laux

· Enforcement - Paul Hedley

· Housing - Phil Soderquest (including housing enforcement)

· Planning - Geoff Paul

· Leisure & Culture
None currently in post



Reference Number: 3017
Request Date: 30/08/2017


1) How many new homes, subject to the Community Infrastructure Levy, have been built in your council area in:
a. 2013/14
b. 2014/15
c. 2015/16
d. 2016/17

2) For those new homes, how much money has your council collected from housing developers under the Community Infrastructure Levy in:
a. 2013/14
b. 2014/15
c. 2015/16
d. 2016/17

3) How much of that money was spent on building or developing GP practices in:
a. 2013/14
b. 2014/15
c. 2015/16
d. 2016/17

4) How many GP practices were built or developed using that money in:
a. 2013/14
b. 2014/15
c. 2015/16
d. 2016/17



Northumberland County Council does not have CIL in place; more information in respect of the development of CIL in Northumberland is held on the Council website.

As NCC does not have a CIL in place no houses which have been built have been subject to CIL.



Reference Number: 3051
Request Date: 07/09/2017


Under the Freedom of Information Act, I would like to request the following information, for any Service User and/or Customer Experience feedback surveys and contracts in place within the Authority.

1. Current supplier of service user/customer experience feedback surveys (This may be more than one. For example, one supplier may be providing a survey solution for community feedback whilst a different supplier may provide a survey solution for feedback within care homes and another supplier for contact centre surveys. Please provide details of supplier contracts for all).
2. Value of individual contract(s). Please specify whether “including VAT” or “plus VAT”.
3. Renewal date of current contract(s).
4. Contact details of officer(s) responsible for the contract(s).
5. Brief description of service provided by current supplier.
6. Where contracts have been renewed in the last 6 months, please can you also provide a shortlist of suppliers that bid for each contract.
7. Typical route to tender (i.e., what procurement portal or individual quote requests etc.).
8. Does the authority own and/or run Care Homes and if yes, how many.



(a) The survey form that is provided as part of the google operating system/software package.
(b) Picker Institute Europe    
(c) National Highways and Transport Network

(a) no charge
(b) £13,200 (including VAT)
(c) Annual fee = £8700.00


(a) not applicable
(b) 2018
(c) No contract in place. Annual membership

4. Not applicable


(a) & (b) Not applicable
(c) Annual Customer Service Satisfaction survey for Highways and Transport

6. Not applicable

7. Dependent upon value of term as to route. Any quotes or tenders would be published through ProContract. ProContract is widely used across the Public Sector. ProContract can be access using the following Council Link or Google.

8. The authority has two in–house care homes.



Reference Number: 3074
Request Date: 11/09/2017


1. Which of your services trade to generate profit (please include services delivered through arms-length companies or similar bodies)?

2. How many staff are employed in each of the service areas listed in your answer to question 1 (please break you answer down into: senior managers [i.e. Head of Service or above], middle managers and supervisors, front line operatives including team leaders?

3. Of the staff listed for question 2, how many of them are subject to some form of performance related pay incentive?

4. What performance areas are targeted by the performance related pay incentives identified in your response to question 3?

5. How have the performance areas detailed in your answer to question 4 performed over the past 3 years (or since the performance related pay was introduced if it has been in place for less than 3 years)?

6. If your answer to question 5 identifies that the performance of any areas has not improved, has your authority identified any reasons why the performance related pay has not delivered the desired result?


1. Within Learning & Development, Northumberland Fire & Rescue Service has two service areas generating profit;
Commercial Training
Driving School

2. Commercial Training x 1 full time staff member and Driving School x 1 full time member of staff

3. Neither are subject to performance related pay.

4. Not applicable.

5. Not applicable.

6. Not applicable.



Reference Number: 3159
Request Date: 02/10/2017


I am writing to request a project directory which includes a list of subcontractors, suppliers and consultants & telephone numbers involved in the Development to provide 22 affordable residential units, with associated access, highway, parking, landscaping and drainage provision.


This is not an Northumberland County Council project: Karbon Homes (formerly ISOS Housing) are the developer.



Reference Number: 3193
Request Date: 09/10/2017


I am writing to ask how many households failed to respond to the Electoral Registration forms over the last two years (2015 & 2016). Out of those who failed to respond, how many were fined and how much was the average fine?




Non-response properties

Number of fines incurred

Average fine










Reference Number: 3326
Request Date: 07/11/2017


For each ward in your local authority: the total number of people on the electoral register broken down by individual ward for the following time points:

At the time of the European referendum (23/06/2016)
At the end of 2016 (01/12/2016)
At the time of the 2017 general election (08/06/2017)
At the time of most recent records you hold




We do not have "Wards" but "County Divisions".  We also do not have the information available in "County Divisions" as this report information is only used at our County elections. Instead the reports are produced by Polling Districts. If you wish to ascertain the electorate by County Division this can easily be done be using the report named "Polling Districts in County Divisions" you will be able to identify which polling district belongs to which County Division.​

See attachments




Reference Number: 3359
Request Date: 16/11/2017


I am writing to make a formal Freedom of Information request to see the minutes of the AGM held by board members of the Hexham BID program, of which three councillors are a member.

I believe this information is in the public interest due to several businesses who pay into the BID but were not present at the meeting as they were unaware it was taking place.


Northumberland County Council confirms that the information you have requested is available via the following the following link:

The FOI request states that 'three councillors are a member', this information is incorrect, please note that the County Council is not on the Board of Directors of Hexham BID Company Ltd. The County Council is a member of the BID Company as a levy payer and has one membership registered.



Reference Number: 3427
Request Date: 28/11/2017


Statistics : Cost to council of dealing with individual planning applications
Cost to council of dealing with individual planning appeals
Cost to council of dealing with consideration of planning application at committee meeting if not included in above.


Information not held



Reference Number: 3468
Request Date: 11/12/2017


1.) the number of applications for the upgrade of heritage windows (listed and conservation) to double-glazing in the UK
2.The number of these that succeed
3.The number of these that fail

Minimum dataset to include the following:
1.) Date of application
2.) Building address
3.) Description of application
4.) Application Decision
5) Approving Authority
6.) Conditions if approved

Application Date Range (submission date): From Nov-07 to Nov-17


This information can be found on the system by searching on a keyword "window". This will retrieve all applications with this keyword in it between the specified time period, whether they are in the Conservation area or not. The list will and does include listed building applications.

With regards to the conditions for each application the decision notices from 2009 onwards have been uploaded on to Public Access for customers to view, you will need to search for the reference number of interest to view the decision notice for conditions. Anything older than this might not be on Public Access I.E. 2007 and 08 applications. If you make a list of application reference numbers of the applications you are interested in we can pass this to our planning file request team to get the decisions uploaded making them available on Public Access.


Please see the link below:​



Reference Number: 3530
Request Date: 15/12/2017


Unfounded allegations of carrying out training at Atheys Moor Airfield. Please supply a copy of all letters/emails of allegations made by this person/persons and also past complaints.


Third party details are exempt but outlined are the details of the complaints in response:

We received a report of an alleged breach on 5 December 2017. The report stated that training and commercial flights we offered for the Airfield at Atheys Moor. It mentions that the website is advertising the experiences which are available to book online. The complainant asked for the Council to investigate so the activities are stopped and the planning conditions are complied with.

A response was sent to the complainant on 18 December 2017 from the Planning Enforcement Team to confirm that they had contacted the Airfield and were informed that although equipment is stored at Atheys Moor no training is carried out there. It was suggested that the Airfield amend their website so this is clear to people viewing their website. The Enforcement Officer confirmed that without any evidence of training at the Airfield they would be unable to progress with the matter.

We can confirm that a report of an alleged breach was received on 20 February 2012 in relation to the failure to comply with condition 11 of the planning permission. The Airfield were contacted and asked to comply with the condition. It was also raised that a hot air balloon had been flown from the Airfield. The enforcement team contacted the Airfield and it was confirmed that the balloon was stored at the Airfield but was not flown from there. The case was closed on 20 June 2012.