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Reference Number: 5445
Request Date: 21/01/2019 Archived

Question and Response:

Q.1 I would like to know how many animals have died in house fires over the last three calendar years (2018, 2017 and 2016).
Please could you break the data down by:
Date of fire (only specifying the month and year, eg. 11 deaths in August 2017) and type of animal that died
2018 = 0 deaths
2017 = 3 deaths in October (dogs)
2016 = 0 deaths


Reference Number: 5965
Request Date: 23/04/2019 Archived

Question and Response:

The information is sought on behalf of Cats Protection, the UK’s leading feline welfare charity.  The information is sought from your Council department responsible for street cleaning or if the cleansing of roads is contracted out then please ensure the information is obtained from the contracting company/arms-length external organisation (ALEO). The questions relate to CATS involved in road traffic accidents (RTAs) on the roads that your council is responsible for cleaning.

Q.1   Does the Authority (or ALEO) scan cat RTA victims collected for a microchip and record the chip number? 

A.1   Yes 

Q.2   If yes do you inform the relevant microchip database company (eg by phone) that you have found the deceased cat so that they can contact the cat owner?

A.2   Yes and an Animal Welfare Officer will contact the cats owner. 

Q.3   If yes do you inform your local branch of Cats Protection?

A.3   No

Q.4   If your Authority (or ALEO) does not scan cat RTA victims please tick which of the following statements are relevant - you can tick multiple answers. 

Not thought about it 
Do not have scanners 
Too time consuming to scan 
Don’t know what to do with information that appears on scanner 
Other – please specify 

If your Authority (or ALEO) does not scan cat RTA victims – please answer the following question. 

If scanners were provided free of charge together with information about how to report the cat’s details to the relevant microchip database company from the information appearing on the scanner would you (or ALEO) consider scanning cat RTA victims? 

Please circle the relevant answer: 

        Yes / No / Don’t know 

A.4  N/A

Q.5   Authority (or ALEO) disposes of the cat carcass immediately when it is returned to the Council/ALEO depot. 

A.5   No 

Q.6   Authority (or ALEO) logs descriptive details of the cat carcass, cat’s appearance, with a description of when and where it was found etc. 

A.6   Yes a log of relevant information is kept.  

Q.7   Authority (or ALEO) keeps the cat carcass in a freezer for a set period so it can inform enquirers if they contact the authority that they have collected a cat resembling that “lost” by the owner. Other – please specify 

A.7.  Cats are kept in freezer for at least 2 weeks, lost cat reports are checked and owners are contacted if we think we may have their pet.

Q.8   How many cat Road Traffic Accident (RTA) carcasses have been collected in each of following years? If this data is not recorded but you can provide an estimate this is acceptable but please clarify it is an estimate. 


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A.8   We do not record this information but we estimate the number varies between 12 and 18 cats a year -  of these around 25% - 30% are microchipped.