Reference Number: 5626
Request Date: 18/02/2019 Archived

Question and Response:

Q.1   The hourly fee paid to North Star day service per client.  Out of this fee does the centre pay for the following commercial rent for the buildings.

insurance for buildings and liability insurance.

wages.and national insurance.

pension provision.

utilities, gas, electric,and water.


Holiday pay.

 daily upkeep and repairs

telephone/internet provision


A.1    This service is not delivered in hourly units.  Since it is an in-house service, it is also costed on the basis of the overall capacity available, rather than the number of individuals using the service at a date, which may vary.  On this basis, the daily unit cost of the service in the current financial year is £60.92. This costing includes all the costs listed in your enquiry, other than commercial rent for the premises.  These are owned by the Council, so no rent is payable.