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Question and Response:

Q.1 We are Veterans Hearing Support and we assist veterans to access the Royal British Legion’s Veterans Hearing Fund. To date we have helped more than 1,000 ex-servicemen and women gain access to the fund providing these veterans with some of the most advanced hearing aids in the UK. This is life changing to those veterans and we would like to do more. Can you please forward to me, the name and contact information (email address and phone number) of the Veterans Officer in your council?

A.1    The Armed Forces Champion: Councillor David Ledger -, The Armed Forces Officer: Jackie Roll -


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Question and Response:

From your allocated Public Health budget, how much do you propose to spend on the following areas of drug and alcohol treatment in 2019/20?

Q.1  Residential rehabilitation budget (tier4)

A.1    £0

Q.2  Residential detoxification budget (tier 4)

A.2   The residential detoxification budget has been transferred to the community substance misuse service, so the information is held by the service not ourselves.

Q.3   Community substance misuse services (tier 3)

A.3    £3,347,020

Q.4   Total substance misuse budget

A.4    See Q3


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Question and Response:

Q.1      Do you fund Medication Prompts?
Q.2      If yes, under which funding budget line/service is it allocated? (i.e Pharmacy, IPP, CHC, DTOC etc)
Q.3      Do you joint fund Medication Prompts with your local Clinical Commissioning Group / Health Funding Authority?
Q.4      How many clients do you currently fund?
Q.5      What is your predicted annual spending for Medication Prompts 2019/2020?
Q.6      How long / since when have you funded Medication Prompting Service?

A.1 - A.6     We do not hold information on this subject.