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Reference Number: 5342
Request Date: 02/01/2019 Archived

Question and Response:

Q.1 I would be grateful if you could tell me for each of the last eight full financial years how much grant funding was awarded to charitable organisations by your local authority and how many grants this was composed of.

A.1 This information is refused under Section 12 of the FOI Act. We hold certain information relating to grants awarded to charities. However, the time and cost involved in extracting the requested information would exceed our statutory obligation to comply with the request; e.g. 2.5 days and/or £450. There are over 1,600 records of awarded grants, each of which would take approximately 10 minutes to review. This would equal 266 hours.

Q.2 Further, could you tell me for each of the last eight full financial years how many contracts were awarded to charities to carry out services on behalf of your local authority and what the value of these contracts amounted to in each financial year.

A.2  This information can be found here: https://procontract.due-north.com/Opportunities/Index?tabName=opportunities&resetFilter=True



Reference Number: 5358
Request Date: 07/01/2019 Archived

Question and Response:

Q.1 For the last financial year 17/18 and year to date (17.12.2018) please provide all correspondence to and from the S151 officer for the council mentioning 'S114' or 'Section 114.'
A.1 Please see attached pdf of disclosable information. 

The Freedom of Information Act sets out various exemptions to the right of access. In the present case the County Council takes the view that some of the information relating to your request is exempt under the following provisions; 

Section 22 - Information intended for future publication. 
22. (1) Information is exempt information if- (a) the information is held by the public authority with a view to its publication, by the authority or any other person, at some future date (whether determined or not).

Section 22(1) is a qualified exemption which means that the information falling within the exemption still has to be released unless the public interest in disclosure is outweighed by the public interest in maintaining the exemption. 

Northumberland County Council recognises that there is a general public interest in information held by public authorities being made available and that it should take place at the earliest appropriate time. This helps towards ensuring the public accountability and transparency of public authorities and promotes public engagement in any debate about the delivery of public services and the use of public funds. However, the public interest can sometimes be best served by the planned publication of information at an appropriate time rather than in response to an individual request for that information ahead of that time. 

On balance, and in all the circumstances of this particular case, we have concluded that the public interest is best served by the planned future publication of the information you have requested and by maintaining the exemption at section 22(1) at this time. This is because the information withheld relates to draft financial plans which will be publicly available in due course.

Section 41- Information provided in confidence. 

(1) Information is exempt information if— (a) it was obtained by the public authority from any other person (including another public authority), and (b) the disclosure of the information to the public (otherwise than under this Act) by the public authority holding it would constitute a breach of confidence actionable by that or any other person. 

Please treat this as a Notice of Refusal as regards the information covered by the Section 22(1) and Section 41 Exemption.



Reference Number: 5428
Request Date: 16/01/2019 Archived

Question and Response:

Q.1 How much was collected under the Hexham Bid Levy that was not distributed to Hexham Bid Limited.
A.1 There is £9,197.01 of the collected levy not distributed to the Hexham BID Ltd.
Q.2 Whether these funds will (or have been) forwarded to Hexham Bid Limited.
A.2 The Council made staged payments to Hexham BID Ltd up until October 2017, the Hexham BID Board sought to terminate the bid in December 2017 and as such the final payment due to the BID for 2017/18 was retained by the Council.  This funding will be added to any funds the Local Authority receives on completion of the Hexham BID termination process to enable the BID revenue account to be reconciled as required under legislation.
Q.3 Whether these funds remain in the care of Northumberland County Council.
A.3 The funds are held in the Hexham BID Revenue Account by the Council.
Q.4 Have these funds been allocated or used for any other purpose?
A.4 No, the funds cannot be allocated or used for any other purpose.
Q.5 What are the plans for the distribution, return or allocation of these funds?
A.5  The following processes need to conclude before the plans are finalised:
- The BID Company accounts need to be finalised
- The BID company is wound up and residual monies returned to the BID Revenue Account
- The BID Revenue Account must be reconciled and legitimate costs deducted
- The final sum must be returned to eligible businesses in line with BID legislation


Reference Number: 6127
Request Date: 28/05/2019 Archived

Question and Response:

Information in respect of placements made by the local authority of elderly persons funded (in whole or part) by yourselves. For persons benefiting from local authority funding, what is the fee to be paid by the council for elderly persons placed within independent sector care homes during the financial year 2019/2020 for the following categories of care?

Q.1       Elderly Residential Care
Q.2       Elderly Dementia Residential Care
Q.3       Elderly Nursing Care*
Q.4       Elderly Dementia Nursing Care*
*Please state fee exclusive of the Free Nursing Care payment for 3 and 4.

A.1 - A.4   Northumberland County Council confirms that it holds the information you have requested, please see the attached information in response


Reference Number: 6145
Request Date: 29/05/2019 Archived

Question and Response:

Q.1    Does the fund have equity holdings in:
      a)  G4S (traded in the UK as GFS)
      b)  Serco (traded in the UK as SRP)
      c)  Sodexo (formerly Sodexho, traded in the UK as 0J3F)
What is the value of those equity holdings in pound sterling. I would like the most recent data available.
A.1   Please see below plus attachment:

Northumberland County Council Pension Fund has no direct holdings in companies, however, it does have indirect equity holdings via its ownership of units in various pooled vehicles managed on the Fund’s behalf by Legal and General Investment Management Ltd.

Legal & General – the Fund’s index tracking (passive) manager

The Northumberland County Council Pension Fund delegates the day to day management of the Fund’s investments to external fund managers, one of which is Legal & General.  Legal & General manages investments in pooled vehicles tracking various indices.

The attached shows the value of the Northumberland County Council Pension Fund’s holdings in Legal & General’s equity index funds as at 1 April 2019, at mid, bid and offer values.  From this information, it is possible to calculate the value of the shareholdings attributable to Northumberland County Council Pension Fund (i.e. indirect holdings), by applying the market weightings of the appropriate index for the company you are interested in to the total value of the Legal & General fund shown on the attached.  Northumberland County Council does not hold information about the attributable individual shareholdings for the Legal & General portfolio