Pest Control


Reference Number: 5630
Request Date: 18/02/2019 Archived

Question and Response:

Q.1   How much do you spend a year on callouts for pest control ?

A.1   The pest control service costs £150,000 per annum.

Q.2   How much does it cost you per visit ?

A.2   Rats, Mice Ants,Cockroaches and Wasps are charged at £50 per treatment. 

Fleas, flies and fumigations are £75 per treatment

Bedbugs are £150 per treatment.

Q.3   How much do you spend on pest control equipment annually ? 

A.3   We spend 10,000 per year 


Q.4   How many unsuccessful callouts do you have on average (where you visit the trap and the pest hasn’t been caught)?

A.4   None we do not use traps.


Q.5   Would you be interested in a device that could simply tell you when a mousetrap has been activated ? 

A.5   No thanks


Reference Number: 5783
Request Date: 18/03/2019 Archived

Question and Response:

Q.1   How many pest control callouts did the council receive in 2018 for rat-related requests?

A.1    576 requests were received for rat related treatments.

Q.2   Can I have this data for rat-related callouts in 2018 broken down by postcode and listed below in descending order?

Q.3   Could you list in descending order the 10 streets which the council received the most rat-related call-outs for in 2018?

A.2 & A.3 Attached is a sheet listing all postcodes for that year relating to call outs for rats. We do not collate this information by street name.