Unpaid Council Tax


Reference Number: 5606
Request Date: 14/02/2019 Archived

Question and Response:

Q.1.   What type of council are you – i.e. Unitary, District etc.

A.1.   Unitary

Q.2.   Do you have a corporate debt team 

A.2.   Yes

Q.3.   What categories of debt are collected 

A.3.   Council Tax, Business Rates, Housing Benefit Overpayments, Sundry Debt

Q.4.   Do you collect debt on behalf of other councils or 3rd parties such as housing associations etc. 

A.4.   No

Q.5.   What systems are used for each 

A.5.   Northgate Revs & Bens, Oracle Applications

Q.6.   Do you employ internal enforcement agents, if so, how many 

A.6.   Yes, one

Q.7.   Do you utilise external enforcement agents via a 3rd party, if so when does their current contract end and when it does are you considering using internal enforcement agents

A.7.   We utilise external enforcement agents and their engagement is reviewed annually.


Reference Number: 5612
Request Date: 15/02/2019 Archived

Question and Response:

Q.1. How many court summons have been issued to former students (within 3-6 months of changing student status) between January 1st 2018 - January 1st 2019 for refusal of paying council tax. Can this information be provided in a spreadsheet showing the court summons, the outstanding payment, and when it was paid. 

A.1   I am writing to inform you that we have searched our records and the information you requested is not held by Northumberland County Council.


Reference Number: 5982
Request Date: 26/04/2019 Archived

Question and Response:

For the period 2013/14 -2018/19 by year;

Q.1    How many households were in Council Tax arrears each year?

Q.2    How many households in Council Tax arrears became subject to a  liability order?

Q.3    How many cases of council tax arrears were referred to bailiffs?

Q.3b) What was the value of the council tax arrears referred to bailiffs?

Q/3c  What was the value of the arrears recovered?

Q.3d  What were the costs of the bailiff action (including costs faced by  households and costs faced by the council)?

Q.4    How many cases of council tax arrears had repayment plans arranged?

Q.5    How many cases of council tax arrears had third party deductions applied?

Q.6    How many cases of council tax arrears had attachment of earnings orders applied?

A.1 - A. 6    Northumberland County Council confirms that it holds the information you have requested, please see the attached information in response.