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Reference Number: 5791
Request Date: 19/03/2019 Archived

Question and Response:

Q.1    How much money is held in the Councils Reserves?

A.1 The Councils "Usable reserves" were reported to County Council in February 2019 as part of the budget setting process for 2019/20.  The following link provides details of each reserve. Please exclude the provision section as this does not relate to reserves.
The figures will be updated for the actual balance of reserves at 31.3.19 and published on the Councils web page within the annual statement of accounts on 31 July 19.  The latests statement of accounts for 2017-18 can be viewed through the following link. The value of usable reserves are detailed on page 47.

Q.2      How much of the 2019/20 council tax will be added to the Council's Reserves

A.2 None
Q.3      From all the new houses being built in Northumberland what is the % increase in Council Tax take? 

A.3 It is not possible to quantify this figure as it is subject to a number of variables.   The type of house built dictates the council tax band and therefore the value of council tax payable.  It is also not possible to estimate the value of council tax discounts that will be granted. This depends on the tenant's personal situation (ie single person discount etc)
Q.4     How much is it estimated that the payroll for the Council will increase for 2019/20?

A.4 Direct employee expenses have increased by £4m from £169m in 2018-19 to £173m in 2019-20. This is mainly attributable to the annual pay awards on the various pay schemes.
Q.5     How many employees of the Council will earn more than £70,000 in 2019/20 and what is their % pay increase for 2019/20.

A.5 The following link contains the latest details available for all Council staff that earn over £58,000 a year.  

On 1.4.19, NCC had 30 employees who will earn over £70K p.a. in 19/20.

Of these 30 employees, 24 received a 2% pay rise on 1.4.19. The remaining 6 will receive a pay award later in the financial year so am unable to comment on that particular rate