Reference Number: 5890
Request Date: 05/04/2019 Archived

Question and Response:

Q.1   How many children’s playgrounds were managed by the local authority in each year from 2009-10? 

A.1   16

Q.2   How many children’s playgrounds  have been closed in each year since 2009-10? 

A.2   None

Q.3   How many children’s playgrounds  have been opened in each year since 2009-10? 

A.3   None

Q.4   How much local authority money has been spent on children’s playgrounds in each year since 2009-10? 

A.4   Children's playgrounds are managed through the use of multidisciplinary grounds maintenance and cleansing  teams. It is not possible to disaggregate the money spent on play areas alone.

Q.5   How many children’s playgrounds are proposed for closure within the next year (ie 2019-20)? 

A.5   None

Q.5   How much do you propose to spend on children's playgrounds in 2019-20?

A.5   See response to Q.4 above.

Q.6   How many children's playgrounds have been sold off to private buyers since 2009-10, who were the buyers and how much were they sold for?

A.6   None

NB Following local government reorganisation in 2008 most children's play areas other than in larger parks were transferred to Town and Parish Councils. The answers given above relate only to County Council assets.