Northumberland Emergency Transition Support


Reference Number: 5616
Request Date: 18/02/2019 Archived

Question and Response:

Q.1     Does your organisation used a 'cloud' provider for the three IT services, either wholly or in part, listed directly below? An example of a cloud provider would be Microsoft and Office 365 which provides email, One Drive and SharePoint-online offerings. There are obviously other cloud providers.    

Q.1a    email

A.1a     yes 

Q.1b     home folders

A.1b     yes - partly 

Q.1c     'corporate' file systems

A.1c     yes - partly

If the answer for the above three is no then simply reply 'N\A' to QA, Q3 and Q3a. 

Q.2    If you use a cloud provider for any of the three IT services listed above do you back them up? Please specify which you back up. 

A.2    no

Q.3    If you do back up what product do you back them up with? 

A.3     N/A 

Q.3a  Is the back up product also a cloud provisioned service?   

A.3a   N/A