Minutes of Meetings


Reference Number: 5604
Request Date: 14/02/2019 Archived

Question and Response:

Q.1   I believe a transcript of the information I requested has now  been released to the general public. However, this is not verbatim and I believe some information may be in the original recordings that is not in the written documentation. I again ask for permission to access the recording of the aforementioned OSC Meeting and not the transcript.

A.1   This video is now live on our website at: 


and on our YouTube channel at: 


This contains all the information you require.


Reference Number: 5605
Request Date: 14/02/2019 Archived

Question and Response:

Q.1 Joint meeting of the Policy Board and the Board of Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust held at Shielfield Park, Berwick-upon-Tweed on Wednesday, 4 June 2014 at 12:30 p.m. I refer to the above document regarding a Policy Board meeting.

Under item 11 is the following: 


Paul Brayson, Managing Director for NHFM Ltd presented the Outline Business Case for the redevelopment of Berwick Infirmary (copy attached to the signed minutes) which the Boards were asked to approve."

I am unable to source the Outline Business Case mentioned above, even though it is said to be "attached" 

Can you please send me a copy of this Business Case?


A.1 Section 21 of the Act states that a public Authority does not need to provide information under section 1 of the Act if that information is reasonably accessible to the applicant by other means. The published information is available by accessing the following web link: 



Reference Number: 5651
Request Date: 21/02/2019 Archived

Question and Response:

Please provide me with  a copy of the breakdown of the public money that is being gifted to Greenhead Primary School: 

Q.1   the total amount/date(s) of payment(s) 

A.1   The money has not been gifted to Greenhead Primary School.  The school is owed a sum of money in relation to historic and outstanding salary and teacher supply insurance claims.  Unfortunately, as this money relates to salaries no further details can be provided.


Q.2    a copy of the Minutes of the Committees/School Forum at which this was discussed 

A.2   As this issue was not discussed at Committee / Schools Forum level no minutes are available. 


Q.3   a copy of the Minutes of the Committees/School Forum at which this was agreed.

A.3   As this issue was not discussed at Committee / Schools Forum level no minutes are available.


Reference Number: 6781
Request Date: 25/10/2019 Archived

Question and Response:

Q.1     All documents, committee reports, memorandums, internal communications, agenda, minutes and supplementary reports in relation to discussions and meetings regarding the Borderlands Growth Deal.

This should include information communicated and shared by Northumberland County Council internally, with the other local authorities which are part of the Borderlands Growth Deal area and with central government.

A.1     Duty to confirm or deny 

The public interest test requires Northumberland County Council to confirm that we hold certain information relating to your request. 

Since work started on Borderlands in 2014 there have been several officers from each of the constituent Councils and the two Governments involved in different stages of the development of the Borderlands Inclusive Growth Deal. 
On this basis, the Council/Government has generated several thousands of emails and for calendar years 2018-19 alone, around 1000 files pertaining to the initiative. This is in addition to other means of correspondence. 

The Council would be required to locate and review any correspondence to identify what is within scope and if there is any commercially, politically or personal sensitive data. It is estimated that this would equate to between 4,000 and 5,000 hours (approx. 10 minutes per record). Given the nature of the information requested only senior officers have been involved in this project so the cost would be at £25 per hour, as per the FOI Act. 

When converted to cost this significantly exceeds the limit of £450 as defined by the Freedom of Information Act 2000.  

Therefore in accordance with Section 12 of the above Act the Council is refusing the request as it would exceed the cost limit.