Reference Number: 7753
Request Date: 03/06/2020 Archived

Question and Response:

Please would provide the following information in respect of placements made by the local authority of elderly persons funded (in whole or part) by yourselves. 
Q.1     How many new placements of elderly persons were made by the local authority into registered residential or nursing homes during the financial year 2019/20?
A.1     533
Q.2     How many of that total number were placed into homes outside the local authority boundary?
A.2     41
Q.3     For persons benefitting from local authority funding, what is the fee to be paid by the council for elderly persons placed within independent sector care homes during the financial year 2020/2021 for the following categories of care?
Q.3.1   Elderly Residential Care
Q.3.2  Elderly Dementia Residential Care
Q.3.3  Elderly Nursing Care*
Q.3.4  Elderly Dementia Nursing Care*
*Please state fee exclusive of the NHS Funded Nursing Care payment (FNC) for 3 and 4.
A.3     Current fees are shown in the attached table.


Reference Number: 7785
Request Date: 15/06/2020 Archived

Question and Response:

This request is in 2 parts. Please answer all of the questions in the first section whether or not you have any licences issued under the Dangerous Wild Animals Act (DWAA). If there are any current DWAA licences for primates in your area, please also complete all of the questions in the second section.

As of 25th February 2020:

Q.1     How many DWAA licences are currently issued in your area?

A.1     1

Q.2     How many of these DWAA licences are issued for primates (monkeys, apes or prosimians such as lemurs)?

A.2     None

Q.3     How many applications for licences to keep primates under the DWAA Act have been refused in your area in the last 12 months?

A.3     None

Q.3a  On what grounds were they refused?

A.3a   N/A

Q.4     What is the cost of obtaining a DWAA licence in your area (please indicate whether this includes any veterinary fees incurred)?

A.4     £116.00 + Vet fee

Q.5     What is the cost of ‘renewing’ a DWAA licence in your area (please indicate whether this includes any veterinary fees incurred)?

A.5     £116.00 + Vet fee

Q.6     Are you aware of any breeders or dealers of primates in your area?

A.6     No

Q.6a   If yes how many? And are they licensed under the Pet Animals Act?

A.6a    N/A

Q.7     If a member of the public is aware of a breach of the Animal 
Welfare Act with regards to a primate, who do they contact in your area?

A.7     Licensing Enforcement.

Q.8     In order to be granted DWAA licences for primates, must 
applicants demonstrate that they meet the conditions laid out in the Code of Practice for the Welfare of Privately Kept Non-human Primates?

A.8      Yes

Q.9     If a DWAA licence is not renewed, do you contact previous licence holders to establish why it has not been renewed?

A.9     Yes

Q.10  Would you investigate what has happened to primates that were licensed in your area but are no longer licensed?

A.10     Yes

PART 2 - N/A

Q.11   If there are primates licensed in your area, please provide copies of all licences, and the most recent relevant veterinary and inspection report(s) for each licence (on the understanding that for data protection purposes, certain information may be obscured). If no written reports are available, please indicate the date on which the most recent report was conducted, by whom, and the outcome of the visit. If not included in the report(s), please also provide the following information:

For each licence issued for primates:

Q.11a   How many individuals of each species are covered (please provide the scientific name: i.e. Sapajus apella)?

Q.11b   What is the age and sex of each licensed primate? If this information is not kept by your council, please indicate so.

Q.11c    Where was each primate obtained? If this information is not kept by your council, please indicate so.

Q.11d    Are these primates considered to be pets? If not, how are they classified?

Q.11e    Please confirm whether any restriction is placed on the breeding of the licensed animals. If no restriction exists, please indicate whether the existing licence would automatically cover the offspring, and until what age this cover would last.

Q.11f    Has a licence been issued to the licence holder previously?

Q.11g    If so, what was the last year a licence was issued, and what primates were licenced?

Q.12    Would you or someone in your department, be willing to share any further information about DWAA licensing?

Q.13     And who can we contact for such information?


Reference Number: 7803
Request Date: 19/06/2020 Archived

Question and Response:

Q.1       Please confirm your current supplier for Gas and Electricity

A.1       Corona Energy for gas and EDF Energy for electricity.

Q.2       When do the current contracts expire for each?

A.2       Gas due to expire 01.04.2024 & electricity 31.03.2023

Q.3       If looking to save costs on these, who is responsible for the project?

A.3       Martin France - Contracts Manager

Q.4       How many sites is this person responsible for?

A.4       280 Gas sites & 766 electricity.


Reference Number: 7823
Request Date: 24/06/2020 Archived

Question and Response:

Q.1    How many tonnes of kerbside recycling you collected in each of the past three years broken down by (a) plastics (b) glass, (c) paper (d) card.

A.1     Plastic, paper and card are collected as dry mixed recycling and the tonnage is recorded as mixed not by material. We do not collect kerbside glass. 
Year Material SUM of Tonnes
2017/18 Aluminium cans 234.2
  Card 2725.02
  HDPE [2] 602.5
  Paper 9767.6
  PET [1] 800.4
  Steel cans 1044.5
2017/18 Total   15174.22
2018/19 Aluminium cans 362.3
  Card 2055.6
  HDPE [2] 612.1
  Mixed paper & card 1521
  Paper 8776.9
  PET [1] 954.3
  Steel cans 895
2018/19 Total   15177.2
2019/20 Aluminium cans 391.3
  Card 3218
  HDPE [2] 711.5
  Mixed paper & card 2895.2
  Paper 5772.3
  PET [1] 1029.9
  Steel cans 960.5
2019/20 Total   14978.7
Grand Total   45330.12
Q.2     Please can I ask if since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic any of these groups (a), (b), (c) or (d) are still being sent for recycling or are now being sent to landfill or an incinerator.

A.2     Covid 19 has not had an effect on how we process our dry mixed recycling in that they still go to our West Sleekburn Material Recycling Facility (MRF) to sorted and bulked up before being sent to various end destinations for reprocessing. 

Q.3     If any of these groups (a), (b), (c) or (d) are now being sent to landfill or an incinerator, when and why was this decision taken?

A.3     Not applicable as all of our kerbside rubbish is sent to the Material Recycling Facility (MRF)