Careers guidance team

Here you will find information about the Northumberland careers guidance team.

The Northumberland careers guidance team carries out the local authority's statutory responsibilities to:

  • promote participation in education, employment and training by providing access for vulnerable young people to impartial careers information, advice and guidance (IAG)
  • identify and report to the Department for Education (DfE) on 16 and 17-year-olds who are not participating and support them to find a place in education, employment or training
  • reduce the numbers of young people who are not in education, employment or training (NEET) or not known
We also have to return accurate monthly data to the Department for Education for all 16 to 18-year-olds who are resident in the county.


Who are we?

We are a team of fully qualified and experienced careers advisers who are here to support young people.  We may contact you from time to time as we have to report monthly to the Government about what all young people aged 16 to 18 are doing.

We can help young people to:
  • find the opportunities they are looking for 
  • tell them about courses and apprenticeships in their area 
  • plan a route to the career they want 
  • help them improve their job search skills 
  • help with benefits. 
Contact us:

If you are 16-18 and not in education, employment or training, please get in touch with us on 07827 244027 or email to find out more about how we can help you.

We work throughout Northumberland and can arrange to meet you in one of our venues nearest to your home.
Come along to one of our careers appointments and speak to a member of the Careers Guidance Team.

We provide appointments for young people aged 16 -18, where we can offer you information, advice and guidance about Apprenticeships, Employment, Education and Training opportunities in your area.

Appointments are held at:
  • Ashington
  • Blyth
  • Cramlington
  • Walkergate Office - Berwick

For appointments in other areas of Northumberland call or text  07827 244027. You can also email us at
#MyChoiceNland. Northumberland County Council’s Careers Guidance Team and the Information, Advice and Support Service have worked with employers, Further Education providers and those who work in the health industry to present the ‘Employment Event’ to give guidance on what is on offer to young people.

Martin, an entrepreneur and local employer, who took part in the event gave words of advice:

“I would encourage a young person to be enthusiastic and do the best they can in the workplace. To be accountable and take personal responsibility for their work and actions. To build a good relationship with colleagues and customers.”

“As a business, profit isn’t always about cash. It is important to also invest in people and enthuse them.”

The event was broken into three sections which focused on employment, support and welfare. Additional information from the event is available here.

Virtual Employment Event- Support available for Young people

Northumberland County Council’s Careers Guidance Team and the Information, Advice and Support Service have worked with employers, Further Education providers and those who work in the health industry to present the ‘My Future Options’ event to give guidance on what is on offer to young people and advise them how they can live more independently.

Journalist and TV presenter, Steph McGovern has given her words of advice as part of the event, telling students to: “Be ambitious” and not to “let anyone tell you that you are not good enough, because you are.” 
The 2-day event was broken up into three main sections which focus on education, employment and health and independence. Additional resources from the event are available in the drop-down boxes below the event videos. 
There were over 80 videos shown and you can watch recordings of the event below:

Information relating to education - includes colleges, training providers and universities


Information relating to employment - includes local employer information, how to write a CV etc. 

Information relating to independence - includes information on local social care provision, activities to attend etc. 



Please click on the drop-down boxes below to reveal career and employment opporunities for young people in Northumberland.

Telephone:  01670 352227  /   07824997370 

STEM and history school visits


Blyth Tall Ship is a life changing ‘gangway to the sea’ that brings hope and aspiration to Blyth and the surrounding region, through skills training and individual engagement, supported by a family of volunteers and trusted collaborative partnerships. 

We are inspired by Captain William Smith’s discovery of the Antarctic landmass from Blyth in 1819, on the Brig Williams and live this out through: 

A maritime cultural centre linking the town to the port, that includes a volunteer port archive, a gansey knitting co-operative, museums, events, schools curriculum engagement, skills learning and well-being activities. 

A unique heritage boatyard training people for work, further education or to improve well-being, from taster experiences in wood working through to NVQ Level 3 in Marine Engineering and specialist shipwright skills. 

A 100 year old Tall Ship and other traditional vessels, sailing for short experiences, corporate team building and extended expeditions, enabling people to improve their skills, confidence and resilience. 

As a person-centred learning community, we are passionate about engaging with our shared maritime heritage because it improves well-being, resilience and pride in place, to transform our future. 





Correct as of December 2020 


Buzz Learning, the small friendly school and college, specialises in preparing children and young people for adult life. Established in 2004, we are firmly rooted in our local community and committed to providing education and further education to equip our learners with the skills, experience and qualifications they need to progress into successful adulthood. 

Our Mission “Be All You Can!” underpins all our work and we are fully committed to our vision, which is that we are recognised as 

  • a learner-focussed organisation committed to making a positive impact
  • ​a valued partner in the delivery of high quality learning in the north east
  • an established provider of high quality vocational and developmental training to commercial entities and individuals across the north east. 

Buzz’s college has been in operation since 2004 and it delivers three programmes to young people with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND). These are: 

  • Ability: Transition from school to adulthood 
  • ​Vocational: developing occupational skills to move into employment: This programme offers young people the opportunity to gain vocational and employability skills and qualifications to move them into a range of careers within the hospitality and catering sector. Other vocational areas may be accommodated. 
  • Supported Internships: Developing practical employability skills with an employer 

College learners are aged 16 to 24 and have a range of SEND including autism, mild, moderate and more severe learning difficulties, sensory and physical impairments. 

From September 2021 we will have new programmes to offer young people with SEND 

  • Transition to Adulthood: Moving on from school 
  • Vocational: Developing occupational skills to move into employment 
  • Supported internships: Developing practical employability skills 

A note to parents and guardians 

Whichever programme your son or daughter joins at Buzz Learning we encourage you to be involved in their education with us, as we believe working together is key to your child’s success. We will ask you how much information you want from us, how frequently you want it, and how you prefer to receive it (email, phone call, letter etc). You will also be invited into Buzz Learning to meet with staff at least once each term, to discuss your child’s progress. 

Please note, if your child joins our Supported Internship programme, we will encourage them to make an application to Access to Work for support with e.g. travel, a job coach and equipment if appropriate. 

*Learners who are, or will be, 19 or over on 31st August in the year they wish to start must have an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) and their place in the college must be agreed by their local authority.   

Buzz's school operates next door to the college and delivers education and training to learners aged from 13 to 16 who have special educational needs and/or disabilities. The school has been in operation since September 2018. 

Correct as of December 2020 

Former Olympic and Commonwealth swimmer from South Shields. 


Secondary school speaker 

Assembly – Themed Workshops – Following on from the assembly, Chris will deliver interactive workshops designed around the themes students will find interesting and relevant to their everyday challenges. 

Workshop themes. Chris offers workshops ideal for students to wanting to prepare for exams and course work: 

  • BTEC/A-LEVEL/GCSE PE workshops 
  • ​Elite athlete lifestyle 
  • Performing at the top 
  • Training programmes 
  • Nutrition 
  • Psychology 
  • Confidence 
  • ​Develop character
  • Challenge limiting beliefs 
  • Encourage children to stretch outside of what feels comfortable goal setting 
  • Young Leadership development 
  • Wellbeing – mindfulness, meditation, healthy choices 
  • Determination and resilience 
  • Team building 



Correct as of December 2020 

For students and parents/carers 

Click here to view the Future Me YouTube channel - for further videos and podcasts from the team, especially for students and their families. 

For teachers and advisers 

Website: - Information about all higher education outreach opportunities from all HE providers 


The North East Uni Connect programme is a partnership of all of the universities and colleges in the north east region. We are working together to support young people in the north east to think about their futures and how higher education can help them reach their goals.  

We aim to increase awareness of higher education opportunities and progression pathways for young people and help both them and their key influencers understand what the higher education opportunities are available in the north east. 


FutureMe is the programme of activity offered to students in targeted areas and schools. Students taking part in FutureMe will have access to a range of activities and events to support them in considering their future options and learning about educational pathways available to them. By taking part in FutureMe activities we want young people to:  

  • Have the opportunity to plan for their future and gain an understanding of what can support them in reaching their goals 
  • ​Have access to high quality information and support to help them consider whether higher education is the right option for them  
  • Have an increased awareness and understanding of higher education opportunities and progression pathways in the region. 



Correct as of December 2020 


Telephone: 0191 490 0300 

Click here for a Gateshead campus tour

Please note, is this the closest college regarding transport from Northumberland County Council. 

Correct as of December 2020 


Website: Learning & Skills/full-time courses for school leavers

Kick-start your future career with a full-time course from Northumberland Learning & Skills. 
Find a full-time course and get the qualification you need to stand out when looking for a job or progressing to further and higher study with us or at university. 

Studying with us means you’ll gain more than just a qualification, you’ll adopt skills for life and work as well as the confidence to succeed. 
We offer eight vocational study programmes which have a mix of online study, classroom based learning and work placement or experiences: 

  • Business and digital skills 
  • Childcare 
  • Construction 
  • Hair and beauty 
  • Health and social care 
  • Professional cookery 
  • Students with additional needs and/or disabilities (SEND) 
  • Supported internships 





Correct as of December 2020 


Telephone: 0191 200 4000 

Click here to view Newcastle College YouTube channel, where you can watch a virtual tour of the campus.

Newcastle college energy academy


Correct as of December 2020 


Newcastle United Foundation is proud to support the local community using the power of football. We use the local passion for football to encourage learning, support employability and promote healthy lifestyles that will make a real difference to the lives of disadvantaged children, young people and families in our region. 


Get Started with the Prince’s Trust 

At Newcastle United Foundation, we’re committed to helping you develop your skills, get new qualifications and find your dream job, training course or volunteer opportunity. Talent MatchPremier League Works and Prince’s Trust Get Started in Football are specifically designed to help unemployed young people develop their confidence and put them in contact with potential employers. Coach the Coach with Newcastle college can help you kick start a career in football coaching if you are 16 to 19. 







Correct as of December 2020 


Telephone: 07867 795586 

Off The Grid Adventures is an outdoor based community interest company with a focus on improving wellbeing and social integration through alternative activity delivery. The company has grown significantly over the last 3 years in partnership with the young people, parents and professional’s we work with. Client feedback has been key to the ongoing development of our work and requests for support continue to help us shape our activity programmes. 

Our Values 

Bring people together, through adventure and learning to improve wellbeing and social integration. 

We are specialist activity providers for children, young people, cooperate sectors. Activities can be booked to take place in local parks, beaches, woodlands and school sites or at our Canberra Farm base in South Yorkshire 

Volunteering and training opportunities is an area we excel in and offer a range of bespoke training for activity leaders and mentors. 


Correct as of December 2020 


Telephone: 07825 365684

The Prince’s Trust Team programme is a 12-week course for 16-25 year olds. This programme allows you to take part in community projects, gain work experience with a residential week, gain practical skills, and nationally recognised qualifications to help with your future career. 

Over your 12 weeks with us you can: 

  • Make friends and gain team-working skills 
  • ​Develop communication skills and confidence 
  • Uncover your hidden talents 
  • Gain nationally-recognised qualifications including: 
    • Prince’s Trust certification in employment 
    • Teamwork and community skills 
    • Emergency First Aid at Work certificate 
    • Drug and alcohol awareness and sexual health awareness training 

Correct as of August 2022




Please click on the drop-down boxes below to reveal various education opporunities available to young people in Northumberland. 

Careers Office - HMS Calliope, South Shore Road, Gateshead, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE87 2BE 

Royal Navy -  

Correct as of December 2020 

Website: About ASK - Amazing Apprenticeships 
ASK Offer Brochure - Amazing Apprenticeships 

Helen Inness 
ASK Apprenticeship Advisor and Deliverer for Northumberland 
Working on behalf of the National Apprenticeship Service, a part of the DfE 

Working Hours 9am - 5pm Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. 

Mob: 07507727242 

The Apprenticeship Support and Knowledge for Schools (ASK) programme has been commissioned by the National Apprenticeship Service, part of the Education Skills Funding Agency and Department for Education. We would like to take this opportunity to ensure you are fully aware of this programme and the free services on offer to your establishment. 

Our advisors are here to help with apprenticeship focused activities including a planning meeting (telephone or face to face) to help identify what support your school/college may need. 

We encourage four activities throughout the year; 

  • Apprenticeship talks for Years 10 - 13. 
  • Parent networking opportunities. 
  • Interactive sessions including mock assessments. 
  • Interview guidance and writing a winning application. 
  • Registering on the 'Find an apprenticeship' website, searching local vacancies and setting up alerts so students don’t miss out on future vacancies. 
  • Teacher apprenticeship CPD support. 
  • Careers event attendance. 

You will also receive access to a wealth of fantastic resources and guides which are beneficial for careers leaders, parents, students, teachers signposting all information about Apprenticeships. 


Correct as of December 2020 


Contact details: 

We are a financial co-operative, for people, not profit. Our aim is to help customers borrow fairly so local people don’t have to resort to payday lenders and loan sharks. 

Read about Cameron’s apprenticeship at the Northumberland Community Bank 

Correct as of December 2020.

Apprenticeships with Northumberland County Council 

You can attend our online events, ask questions, and apply for a whole host of new apprenticeships in a variety of departments and at different levels. 

Website: Click here to learn more about our apprenticeships.

What is a Northumberland County Council Apprenticeship? 
The Northumberland County Council apprenticeship programme allows people aged 16 and older to work for the council to develop their skills and knowledge whilst working towards gaining qualifications.  
All of the apprentices will: 

  • be employed by the council 
  • ​earn a wage 
  • follow a training programme 
  • receive both on and off the job training 
  • develop their skills to ensure they can do the job well 

You will have the support of a Northumberland County Council apprenticeship mentor who will help you to progress in your chosen trade or career. They will provide you with all of the information, advice and guidance you need to understand both the learning and training aspects of your apprenticeship.  
The apprenticeships programme can be demanding, however it is extremely rewarding and enables you to progress your career in the future. 


Correct as of December 2020 



Please click on the drop-down boxes below to reveal various organisations who can support with independence.

Email:  /

Growing up without a diagnoses of ASD was difficult to say the least, I struggled immensely with everyday life and didn't understand where I fit into the world. I did all these different behaviour’s that at the time I didn't understand why I was doing them but really struggled to stop. As I have felt throughout life I have had to hide away and compress everything deep inside I have learnt a lot about myself and become very self aware which I feel puts me in a very good position to help families, businesses, schools or the general public learn more about ASD and how they can change their environment or their behaviour to help people that have ASD. 


Training with a Twist  
Autism in the real world 
Unique training provides insight into autism from someone who lives it everyday.

Contact Richie for information on the services Awesometistic can provide. 





Correct as of December 2020


Telephone: 01670 857484 

About us 

We are a provider of specialist services in Northumberland, dedicated to the provision of high quality, innovative and educational day opportunities for 18-35 year olds with additional needs.  

Brightside offers bespoke provision for those with a wide range of additional needs, across our unique services. This range of services allows us to differentiate the support and education that is offered, to ensure we cater appropriately for individual needs. The diverse offering is far removed from the traditional day service model and instead adopts many of the strategies utilised within education, with the freedom from the strictures of the curriculum to provide meaningful and useful life skills whilst having fun. 

Within our team we have motivated, experienced professionals who share our uncompromising commitment to person centred, quality support for individuals in order to promote a fulfilled and happy life. Achieving the maximum independence for the person while having the most fun possible is our aim. 

Correct as of December 2020.


Calmer Therapy - Choppington Branch 

Telephone: 01670 632879 

Calmer Therapy – Berwick Branch 

Telephone: 01289 763306 

At Calmer Therapy, there truly is something for everyone.  Whatever you interests are, we cater to all ages in order to promote an educated, cultured and enriching community.  Whether you are looking for activities, sporting activities, family fitness, exclusive sessions, day trips, therapy or want to take part in any of our social events - we provide an array of services that are sure to keep you busy all year long. 

Family Sports Activities 

Quality time for children and family consists of friendly faces, imaginary places and lots of fun! Your family will love our Family Sports and Fitness activities. 

Correct as of December 2020.



To promote, encourage and support adults with disabilities to lead happy, independent, socially inclusive and healthy lives. 

Working from three hubs across the north east of england, Journey uses person centred approaches, involving families and professionals, to design and deliver the right support, enabling people to live the life they choose. Journey creates pathways for all our people, increasing independence wherever possible. 








Correct as of December 2020 

Email: Jonathan Baker
Mobile: 07712289225 

Ability North Project
The Ability North project offers a series of free personal training programmes funded by Sport England, provided to people in the north east with disabilities, mobility issues and mental health issues.

Our aim is to provide an opportunity help people improve their health, fitness and wellbeing whilst building confidence to continue to keep active throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond.  The project is open to those with a variety of medical conditions and impairments.  

Each participant will receive 3 weeks' training with one 30 minute session per week.   

For more information or to apply for a space contact specialist trainer Jonathan Baker of Motion North East.

Correct as of December 2020


Telephone: 07749114807 

SMILE Through Sport was founded by Stephen Miller to create increased awareness, opportunity and ultimately enjoyment in disability sport throughout the north east of england. 


The mission of SMILE Through Sport is to “Provide and encourage high quality disability sports opportunities while inspiring individuals to participate, ultimately improving the perception and culture surrounding disability sport”. 

The organisation is a community interest company existing simply to benefit the community in which it is based through strong social objectives. 
Our primary objectives are: - 

  • Inspire individuals, those with a disability specifically, to participate in and enjoy physical activity and sport. 
  • ​Educate providers of sport and physical activity to empower them to create high quality opportunities for disabled people within sports clubs, sessions and events. 
  • Provide enjoyable participation opportunities across a range of sports and activities. 
  • Become the north east main source of resources, information and advice regarding disability sport. 
  • Collaborate with local and national partners to ensure disabled people have a voice within sport and physical activity. 

SMILE Together Online Physical Activity Sessions
This free online physical activity session is fun, interactive and social. Aimed at the whole family, it is suitable for all ages and for anyone who wants to participate in exercise at home. Each session lasts 45 minutes and features cardio, conditioning and stretching activities, set to a themed story and music. Themes include pirate adventure, jungle journey and animal encounter. It is suitable for beginners of any ability.

When: 2nd and 4th Saturday each month
Time: 9.30am - 10.30am
To book visit:
For more information contact / Tel: 07710891741

Correct as of December 2020 

Website:  /  
Helpline: 07775 817544 

We are a user led group of young adults (18 years and up) with learning differences, such as autism, aspergers, dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD - but you don’t need a label to join.  

Our group gives young people a chance to socialise, explore new and existing talents and further our goals. We like offering peer support to each other, such as with travel, benefits, learning new things, and sharing information about opportunities and services that are available to us. At the moment we are developing the ‘Safe Places’ scheme in Northumberland, so people can feel safer out and about in their communities. We also like to have a say on things that affect us and we have a role on the local Learning Disability Forum. But most importantly we have tons of fun and enjoy trying new things, like trips and residentials. 

We take a lead on exploring our interests, whilst being supported by volunteers and co-workers to create a safe and inclusive environment. 




Correct as of December 2020 

Telephone: 01434 605253 


At The Hextol Foundation we believe that work is good and that everyone should feel valued.  We provide working opportunities for people who have a learning disability or mental health condition which limits their ability to obtain regular, supported and purposeful work. 

The working opportunities we offer are in our suite of not for profit businesses based in Hexham and Newcastle. 

We also provide 

  • job and employability skills coaching 
  • ​regular social events and activities 
  • recognition and appreciation 
  • opportunities to form new friendships. 

Correct as of December 2020
Young People are required to stay in learning until they are 18.

The aim is to help them improve their knowledge, skills and qualifications to benefit their future.  This does not mean young people have to stay at school.

They can choose other learning options instead of school and these include:

Apprenticeships are paid employment and combine practical training with study.
Click here to register and apply for apprenticeships.

A traineeship is a course with work experience that gets you ready for work or an apprenticeship. It can last up to 6 months.
Click here to register and apply for traineeships.

Study Programme
The study programme is for young people aged 16-18 years, or up to 24 years if you are living with a disability.
It develops good personal, social, employability and vocational skills that help prepare young people for employment and further learning.

Colleges offer various vocational courses at a level to suit a young person's ability.

Supported Internships
Supported internships aim to prepare young people with complex needs for paid employment.  They are specifically aimed at young people who:
  • are aged 16 to 24 years.
  • have a Learning Difficulty Assessment (LDA) or an Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP)
  • want to move into employment and need extra support to do so.
PLEASE NOTE: We also offer employment and volunteering schemes with accredited training. 

Please contact us if you are not sure how RPA may affect you and if you wish to find out about opportunities in your area.  Call us on 07827 244027 or email
You may be eligible to make a claim for Child Benefit.

If you’re bringing up a child or young person who is:
  • Under 16
  • Aged between 16 and 19 - up to 20 in some cases - and is in relevant education or training
  • Aged 16 or 17, has left full-time education or approved training and registered with the Careers Guidance Team for work, education or training
  • Aged 19 and in full-time further education, or approved training which they applied for, enrolled in or started before their 19th birthday
  • You do not need to be the parent of the child or young person to qualify, but you must be responsible for them. The child or young person does not need to live with you, but if they live with someone else you can only get Child Benefit if:
    • You pay money to bring up the child
    • The amount you pay is the same as, or more than the weekly rate of Child Benefit you get for them
    • The person the child lives with is not getting Child Benefit for them
When child benefit normally ends on 31 August, as a parent of a 16 or 17 year old you could claim Extended Child Benefit for 20 weeks if your child leaves approved education or training and either:
  • Registers with your local Careers Service (Northumberland Careers Guidance Team)
  • Has signed up to join the Armed Forces
For further advice and information please contact Careers Guidance Team on 07827 244027 or email

Please contact us if you are not sure how this may affect you or visit Child Benefit eligibility.
If you wish to refer a young person or are unsure if a young person is eligible for our services, please contact us:

Call us on 07827 244027

Or email us on:
All of our staff have a legal duty to keep and process information about you in accordance with the law. See our Privacy Notice here:

Privacy Notice

Information Governance