The Link

The Link is a highway improvements scheme to improve connectivity for a wide range of users and create safer access

It will provide dedicated cycle routes and improved footpaths, signage and surfacing.

Located along Bridge Street (the main bus, vehicle and pedestrian route into the town centre from the Quayside) this project will see highway improvements to improve connectivity for a wide range of users creating safer access. It will provide improved public realm, dedicated cycle routes and improved footpaths, signage and surfacing.
This will enable cyclists to avoid the busy B1329 creating a new cycle route which will run along Bridge street rerouting the National Cycle Route 1 and provide an opportunity to pass through the town centre facilities including the cycling hub in the creative culutre space on the Market Place. This will divert the North Sea / Coast and Castles cycle route which currently by-passes the town centre and allow better access for residents.


These interventions will provide an important physical link between the other interventions as well as from the town centre to the Quayside. The project compliments planned future improvements between Bridge Street and Quay Road which will be delivered as part of a gateway improvement programme and wider strategic transport infrastructure in the town.   

The ambition is to secure the project as a new dedicated lane for cyclists although if this proves to not be technically possible a designated cycle lane will be created on the existing carriageway. Public realm improvements to existing footways will provide an improved pedestrian environment and compliment the historic buildings along Bridge Street.  


Funded by a combination of the Government’s Future High Street Fund, with funding from Northumberland County Council, the scheme will be delivered by March 2024. This time frame will involve full and detailed planning including extensive community consultation on the detail of the scheme. Funding confirmation is due in the Autumn.