Our Promise

Northumberland County Council has made some promises to all looked after children and young people. This is called ‘our promise’ and it sets out the help and support all looked after children will get, and what they should expect.

‘Our Promise’ has been put together by talking to young people, listening to their views and experience of services.

1. Be honest with you and only promise things we know we can deliver. We promise to be honest and clear with you and to keep our promise. We will tell you about your rights and what services you are entitled to.
2. Expect every professional to treat you with respect, to be reliable and consistent and be prepared to listen to your views.
3. Listen to you and build plans around you, not simply build you into our plans, including asking your opinion about where and who you live with and the plans for your care and for the development of services. You can talk to someone independent if you’d like to.
4. Make sure the right people are there to support you and to make sure that only the people who really need to know about you and your situation actually do know about you and your situation. We won’t change your social worker or IRO without good reason.
5. Help you to achieve your best, and support you to learn in and out of school and develop skills. You will have everything you need for school like your uniform, books, PE kit. You will also have access to a computer to help you do your school work. Your carers will talk to you about clothing and help you either buy your clothes or help you to learn to manage a budget to buy your own. We will make sure you have a passport, bank account and national insurance number.
6. Recognise that your family and other people are important to you and make arrangements for you to stay in touch with them safely. You can also ask for an Independent Visitor. This is someone who doesn’t work for Northumberland County Council. They are a volunteer who would visit you, get to know you and spend time with you doing the things you like doing.
7. Support you to be healthy, to follow your leisure interests and to keep in touch with your friends. You should be given healthy food, things that you like and that fit with your religion or culture. Make sure you have someone to talk to about your physical and emotional health and make sure you are able to attend appointments.
8. Leaving Care - We will help and support you practically, financially and emotionally to prepare for your future. We will draw up a Pathway Plan with you to identify support you will need before you leave care. We will provide you with good careers advice and help apply for jobs and training. We will support you if you choose to move on to further or higher education. we will help find somewhere suitable to live and support you after you have left care.