Early Help Teams

This page tells you about the support of the Early Help teams and how to access it.

Early Help is offered everyday by communities, volunteers, charities, children centres, Early Help family workers schools and universal and tiered health services.

Early Help is about working with children, young people and their families who would like support. No one ever “has to have” Early Help. Early Help is there to support families at the right time, by the right person and in the right way. It is a consent-based service which involves the whole family and their Networks to come up with solutions to any difficulties or challenges experienced at the time.  

There is a Early Help leaflet online, click here if you would like to read it.

In Northumberland there is a way to request a co-ordination team look at what support your child might be able to access – you can refer to this service if your children does not have an allocated worker (Social Worker or Early Help Family Worker) by filling in this form.   

You can also access support from your local Early Help Team for more information Early Help Local Support, to find them click here.

If you would want more information click here

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