Learning Disability Partnership Board

Here you will find information about the Learning Disability Partnership Board (LDPB).

The learning disability partnership board (LDPB) aims to show the values of inclusiveness, respect, dignity and equal partnership in working together locally with people with learning disabilities, and their families, to support better lives for them.

It meets quarterly and is co-chaired by representatives from the local area forums. Guests or representatives from other organisations are invited to report or help with specific work as required.
There are different ways of becoming a member. It may be:
  • because of the job you have
  • you have skills or useful experience
  • you represent an organisation
  • you are elected by a forum
  • you are asked to join by the board
The board considers government proposals and national guidance alongside local priorities, with the aim of making better lives for people with learning disabilities and their families in Northumberland.
The values and principles of the board state that people with learning disabilities:
  • have the same rights as everyone else, which will be promoted and protected
  • will have the greatest possible choice and control over decisions that affect their lives
  • will be fully included in the lives of their communities
  • will be supported to have as much independence as possible 
Members of the board have influenced a range of developments including a charter and standards linked to our quality assurance monitoring, the joint North of Tyne Hospital Passport and development of the Jack & Josephine programme to support better health and wellbeing.
Local area forums for people with learning disabilities and their carers meet in the north, west and central Northumberland to:
  • share information and discuss local issues about the lives of people with learning disabilities in Northumberland
  • support the involvement of people with learning difficulties and their carers in service development
  • link to the Northumberland Learning Disability Partnership Board by electing area representatives and regular reporting
  • advocate on behalf of people with learning difficulties for support to live as safe independent meaningful lives as possible for each individual person
  • further the aims of people with learning difficulties in Northumberland by linking with other groups, agencies and organisations, to share information and skills to raise issues concerning people with learning difficulties
  • provide accessible information about the work of the forums
  • promote the positive image of people with learning difficulties
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The LDPB reports annually on local progress. Representatives link to regional partnerships such as the North East and Cumbria Learning Disability Clinical Network, North East Family Carer Network, North East Regional Forum and National Valuing Families Forum.
Learning Disability Board meetings take place quarterly, with one meeting acting as the Annual General Meeting. User forum groups that feed into the board meeting bimonthly in both the North and South of the county. Dates of meetings can change, but if you require more information on either the board or user forum meetings please contact the board by email on northumberlandechoforum@gmail.com.

The learning disability partnership board is chaired by Sean Brennan, Operations Manager for learning disability provider services.

For more inforamtion, contact Sean Brennan by email at sean.brennan@northumberland.gov.uk or telephone 01670 629 000.