Garden waste

also known as: Compost, Green waste.

Gardeners in the county, keen to compost their waste, can join the garden waste kerbside collection service. When you join, you will receive a 240 litre wheeled bin which will be collected fortnightly from the edge of your property from March through to November. There are no collections in December, January or February due to the limited amount of garden waste produced.

Since 1 September 2014 we have introduced changes to the household waste permit scheme. Find out more here

Garden waste collections 2015

In mid February 2015, , if you had already subscribed  to the garden waste collection, you should have already  received an invitation to re-join the scheme as well as information on your collection dates. The first collections for the 2015 season started during the week starting 2 March / 9 March and final collections are scheduled to be during the week starting 23 November / 30 November (depending on where you live).

If you are an existing garden waste customer and cannot locate your reference number to make payment, please contact the council by calling 0345 600 6400 and provide your postcode and house name/number so we can provide this for you.

If you already use the garden waste collection service, we will send you a letter with details on in mid February. You will need the reference number from the letter to pay below:

Pay for garden waste collection online here

The annual charge for this service (2015) is £26 per bin.

You can request more than one bin per property, at that charge per bin. Customers advise us that they welcome the opportunity to be subscribers to this service as it saves them fuel, mess in their car/ van and time.

Call 0345 600 6400 and we will advise if your property can be included in this service.

Alternatively, garden waste can also be taken to any of our Household Waste Recovery Centres free of charge all year round or why not try composting at home?

Your questions answered

If you used the service last year, we will send you a renewal letter in February containing your unique 12 digit reference number that is required to pay for this year's scheme.

If you did not use the service last year, please contact us here

Please contact us so we can check if we collect from your area and to apply for your collection.

Contact us here

Our team asks for applications for garden waste collections to be submitted during February and March, though new requests will be accommodated throughout the rest of the year where possible

If we confirm we are able to collect from your area, you will be given a unique reference number that is needed to pay for the service.

Existing customers will be invited by letter each year to renew their subscription and will be issued with a new unique reference number.

You can pay:

  • Online using a credit / debit card (you will need your unique reference number)
  • At any of our customer information centres using cash, cheque or a credit/ debit card
  • By phone on 0345 600 6400 or view local numbers here. Speak to our customer service advisors and either pay over the phone using a credit / debit card.

All residents choosing to pay for the service using a debit or credit card ONLINE through our webpage will be automatically entered into a prize draw for a chance to win a refund of their 2015 subscription.  One customer will win per month between February and November, so the sooner you pay your subscription the more draws you can qualify for.  

Winners in 2015 to date are Mr King from Blyth, Laura from Longhoughton, Anne from Cornhill and Mr Taylor from Hexham. 

Upon receipt of payment you will be issued with a garden bin (if necessary) and a '2015 Garden Waste' bin sticker for you to fix on top of the bin. We can then easily identify your bin as eligible to be emptied throughout the 2015 season.

No Thanks




TickSmall branches


TickTree cuttings

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sdfKitchen waste (such as fruit and vegetable peelings) ***

CrossSoil or rubble

CrossGeneral household rubbish

CrossPlant pots or fence panels

CrossGarden equipment, fittings or garden furniture.

*** Find out why here

  • Your garden collection day may not be the same as the collection day for your rubbish or recycling bin
  • Put your bin out before 7am
  • Place your bin where the edge of your property meets the footpath / road
  • Take your bin back in once it has been emptied
  • Putting the wrong materials in your garden bin may mean we will not empty it

There are no collections during the winter months (usually December, January or February) because of the limited amount of garden waste produced. If you do have garden waste during these months, you can take them to any of our Household Waste Recovery Centres, or why don't you try home composting?

Have a look at our quick guide here which will show you what you can and can't put in your bin. If you put the wrong materials in your bin, it may mean we are unable to empty it.

Due to animal by-products legislation the 'open-air windrow' method of composting cannot be used to process kitchen waste. This is due to the strict controls that are now in place to safeguard animal health following the foot and mouth outbreak, and swine fever etc.

Even if only fruit and vegetable peelings are collected, these may still have come into contact with animal by-products, such as cooking oil, meats or from plate scrapings. This means that they can only be processed through very expensive 'in-vessel composting' or enclosed anaerobic digestion facilities that can meet the strict controls imposed by the animal by-products regulations.

Please put your bin out before 7am on your collection day and take your bin back in as soon as you can after it has been emptied.

Please note: we are continuously trying to improve our collection routes and this may mean that the time of day that we collect your bin can differ on each collection.

We offer a service for those people who are elderly or have a disability and may need assistance in getting their bin to the edge of their property. More information is available here.

The garden waste collected through the kerbside scheme is delivered to one of two on-farm composting facilities located near Alnwick and Hexham or to one central facility located near Ashington.

The garden waste is shredded and turned by machinery, stored in long piles of material (called windrows) and carefully monitored to ensure that the composting process is working efficiently. The compost is then bagged and sold at our Household Waste Recovery Centres (HWRCs) used as a soil improver on agricultural land, or sold for use in restoration projects and horticulture

Bags of compost are sold at the HWRC for around £3 a bag. If there is none available when you visit, it can be ordered with expected delivery within 2-3 days.

Please contact us and we will discuss with you whether your new address can be included in the scheme. If it can be included then we will advise you of the course of action to take.

No, however you can pass the service on to the new occupant if they would like to use the service.