Transport plan 2011 - 2026

Transport plan 2011 - 2026

The council's third local transport plan (LTP) covers the period from April 2011 to 2026. It explains the 15-year transport strategy for the county, the problems faced and what we propose to do about them. A four-year implementation plan shows short-term plans in partnership with other organisations and agencies.

Brief details of the new local transport plan (LTP)

This LTP has a new focus on delivering the national goals for transport, which contributes to the aims of the Northumberland sustainable community strategy and reflects local land use plans, economic development and climate change priorities.

The LTP is available to download below. It has been adopted as an interim strategy which will be refreshed following the adoption of the new sustainable community strategy and local development framework.

A comprehensive evidence base was compiled to provide background data for the LTP.

Detailed information on the 2011-2026 transport plan

Find out more detailed information about Northumberland’s upcoming plans for transport.

A189 North Seaton Roundabout - Safety Improvement Scheme
A189 North Seaton Roundabout has a history of personal injury accidents which have been difficult to address fully through the introduction of low-cost remedial measures. The Northumberland County Council 2015-16 Local Transport Plan programme has provided an additional level of funding to allow the introduction of more comprehensive measures targeted at reducing accident clusters which have been difficult to resolve through low cost measures.

Further information and scheme drawings can be accessed below

Scheme information sheet
HF152520-00-A189-01  Circulatory carriageway
HF152520-00-A189-02  A189 Northern arm
HF152520-00-A189-03  A189 Southern arm
HF152520-00-A189-04 Ashwood Business Park arm
HF152520-00-A189-05 B1334 West arm
HF152520-00-A189-06 B1334 East arm
HF152520-00-A189-07 50&30mph speed limit extents
HF152520-00-A189-08 Sign and road marking schedules
HF152520-00-A189-09 Sign and road marking schedules sht 2 of 2
HF152520-00-A189-10 Standard details - Sheet 1 of 2
HF152520-00-A189-11 Standard details - sheet 2 of 2

Strategic environmental assessment
The strategic environmental assessment of the LTP is available to download.
Habitats regulation assessment
Equality impact assessment
Health impact assessment
Rights of way improvement plan (RoWIP)
The RoWIP is a complimentary document to the LTP. The policies, priorities and actions it contains inform transport and access-related issues, particularly in relation to active travel.
2017-18 LTP programme
National Productivity Investment Fund
A697 road safety review
In response to safety concerns, the county council commissioned a road safety review of the A697. The report is available below.
Local pinch point funding
The Department for Transport invited local authorities to bid for funding to address congestion on the road network, or to address the condition of structures that will create a problem in the future.

Two bids submitted from Northumberland were successful:

B6344 Crag End landslip, near Rothbury Ovingham Bridge refurbishment
Managing Morpeth's transport
Electric vehicle recharging
The county council has been awarded funding towards new electric vehicle chargers. Up to 20 rapid chargers will be provided at various locations across the county. To date, rapid chargers have been installed at:
  • Greenwell Road car park, Alnwick
  • Newbiggin Leisure Centre
  • Stanley Terrace car park, Morpeth
  • County Hall, Morpeth
  • Station Yard car park, Ashington
  • Keel Row car park, Blyth
  • Rear Front Street car park, Bedlington
  • Northumberlandia
  • StationYard car park, Seahouses
  • Bus Station car park, Wooler
  • Brockwell Centre, Cramlington
  • Wentworth car park, Hexham
  • Swan Centre, Tweedmouth
  • Leisure Centre, Ponteland
  • Stannington Services
  • Wooler Bus Station car park
  • Wylam Village car park
  • Ponteland Leisure Centre
  • Wansbeck Hospital
These are all available to the public via the Charge Your Car network.
Pothole Fund Statement
Local transport body
The government has devolved decision making on local major transport schemes to local transport bodies (LTBs).

In the North East, the LTB is made up of representatives of the seven local authorities.
Department for Transport - Local Highways Maintenance Challenge Fund 2017