Northumberland Youth Parliament

Northumberland Youth Parliament

The youth parliament is a national body that aims to improve the lives of young people and give them a voice.

About Northumberland Youth Parliament

Northumberland Youth Parliament aims to give young people a voice.

What is Northumberland Youth Parliament?
Run by young people, the parliament provides opportunities for today's youth to use their voice to bring about social change.

It has four members who were all elected by other young people in Northumberland. Two deputy members take office each year, joining two current members.

They are elected on their manifestos for improving Northumberland, which they represent on both a regional and national platform, working closely with the youth cabinet.
How to become a member
Elections are held every year, usually in December. In each election, two places for deputy members are available. In their second year, they become full members.

Young people are encouraged to look on the website, and at school, for application forms with which they can nominate themselves. They’ll also have to think about issues to include in their manifesto, based on what they feel is most important in Northumberland, followed by a time of campaigning.

On election day, students across Northumberland go to the ballot box and cast their vote. The votes are then brought together and the two candidates with the highest number are elected.

The official term begins in February, with training taking place in January. Members get the chance to attend events, such as the annual sitting (a gathering of youth parliament members from around the country) and a visit to the House of Commons, where they can sit on the prestigious green benches.
Northumberland Youth Parliament - contact us
For more information, contact us:
  • telephone: 01670 620320
  • email:
  • post: Northumberland Youth Parliament, Northumberland Youth Service, County Hall, Morpeth, Northumberland, NE61 2EF

Northumberland Youth Parliament members

Following the recent election, the new youth parliament members are currently drafting their profiles. We'll be excited to bring them to you soon.

Northumberland Youth Parliament campaigns

Find out about the campaigns we run to improve the lives of young people.

National campaign 2014
Every year, members of youth parliament debate in the House of Commons and vote on a national campaign to work on. The 2014 debate voted ‘Votes at 16’ as the preferred option.

Votes at 16
The UK youth parliament believes people aged 16 and 17 should be allowed to vote. This national campaign beat four other options to become the campaign they worked on. ‘A curriculum to prepare us for life,’ which had the second most votes, was selected as a priority campaign. There were 296 members debating on the subjects, with more than 475,000 young people voting on them.

Nick Hurd MP, who attended the debate, addressed the house. He said: “There’s lots of rubbish talked about your generation, but I have a completely different view. I think you represent the most passionate, socially responsible generation of young people this country has seen for a long time.”

Shakeel Hajat, 17, proposed the ‘Votes for 16’ campaign. He said: “The tired walls of this prestigious room have, I believe, time for one more reform. Let’s re-engage the disengaged, regard the disregarded, let’s give the vote to young people who deserve the responsibility.”

Chante Joseph, 17, backs the ‘curriculum to prepare us for life'. He said: “The campaign is all about life skills. We’re not just equipping young people with transferable skills, we’re giving them a ticket to confidence. We’re saying education is not done in vain. Young people needn’t be disillusioned, they should be enticed by it.”
Campaigns archive

Northumberland Youth Parliament - latest news

Find out about the youth parliament’s latest news, activities and events here.

Record Turnout - Election Result 2016
Over 6,000 young people in schools across the county voted this week to elect Youth Parliament representatives - a record turnout at 50%.

Tara Blyth and John Strasenburgh were successfully elected to Northumberland’s Youth Parliament.
This year’s ballot saw the highest ever turnout of young people voting. 

Polling took place at participating schools on Wednesday 7  December and the results were announced at County Hall on Thursday 8 December.

Leader of Northumberland County Council, Grant Davey, Councillor Robert Arckless, cabinet member for children’s services, Civic Head Alan Sambrook and Councillor Anthony Murray were  present to hand out the awards. 

Councillor Robert Arckless said: “We are proud to have so many young people that care deeply about the future of the county.  I'd like to congratulate all the successful candidates and wish them every success as they take on important roles representing the county’s young people.
“There was a really high turn-out at the polls which  just goes to show how tuned in young people in Northumberland  are and how much they care about where they live.
“The new members of the Youth Parliament  have got some great ideas and are all really passionate. I’m looking forward to working with them and I’m sure they’ll achieve a great deal for young people in the county.”

The new members will take up post of their two year term on Monday January 30, 2017 following detailed planning of their projects for the forthcoming year when they will be joined by the existing Youth Cabinet and Youth Parliament members.
Elections take place annually and any young person who is interested in standing in the future can email for more information.
Make Your Mark 2016 - Record Vote

Record numbers of Northumberland pupils have voted to decide what is debated during the Youth Parliament Commons Debate.

Nearly 7,000 students across the county cast their vote in the national ballot which decides what the Youth Parliament will debate during a House of Commons sitting on Friday 11 November.

978,216 young people aged 11-18 voted across the country, prioritising education, racism and religious discrimination, public transport, votes at 16 and the health service to be discussed.

The topics will be discussed by up to 300 elected young representatives from all parts of the UK and will be chaired by Rt. Hon. John Bercow MP and Speaker of the House of Commons.

Members of the Northumberland Youth Parliament, Jamie Macaulay, a student at Duchess Community High School and Abjol Miah, a student at Astley Community High School, will travel down to London together to join in the debate.

Councillor Robert Arckless, Cabinet Member for Children’s Services at Northumberland County Council, said: “The Make Your Mark ballot is a great way for young people to have a voice and to influence the things that matter to them most.

“We’ve seen a record amount of voters across the county this year and I’m delighted that Jamie and Abjol will be representing young people across Northumberland in the House of Commons.”

The winning topic across the country is a ‘curriculum for life’ which calls on schools to cover subjects such as finance, sex and relationships and politics to better prepare young people for life after school.

The annual Make Your Mark ballot, was championed by Members of Youth Parliament, volunteers across the country, local authorities and schools.

Rob Wilson MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Civil Society, with responsibility for youth policy said: "Congratulations to the 978,216 young people who voted in this year’s Make Your Mark Ballot, and to all the volunteers who have worked so hard to get such a great turnout. It’s really important that young people engage in issues that are important to them and I'm really pleased that so many have chosen to do so through this year's ballot.”

Northumberland Youth elections results announced - 11 Dec 2015
Over 5,400 young people throughout schools across the county voted this week in elections to appoint Youth Parliament representatives and new members of the Northumberland Youth Cabinet.

Clark Kent Chavez, from St Benet Biscop RC Academy and Jamie Macaulay, from Duchess Community High School, were successfully elected to Northumberland’s Youth Parliament.
Kelsey Thompson, from the King Edward VI School; Tia Saunderson, from St Benet Biscop RC Academy; Matthew Johnson from Haydon Bridge High School; Lauren Scott and Robert Elliott from Ashington High School were successfully elected to Northumberland’s Youth Cabinet.
This year’s ballot saw the highest ever turnout of young people voting.
Polling took place at participating schools on Wednesday 9 December and the results were announced at County Hall on Thursday 10 December.
Councillor Robert Arckless, cabinet member for children’s services Councillor Kath Nisbet, civic head, chief executive, Steven Mason and deputy chief executive of the county council, Daljit Lally were there to hand out the awards.
Councillor Robert Arckless said: “Congratulations to all of the newly elected members of Northumberland’s Youth Cabinet and the Youth Parliament, we wish them well in their new roles.
“It is important to engage young people in the democratic process and to make them aware of the issues that matter to their peers and local communities. By sharing their own experiences to influence decision making, this will hopefully make a difference, and will inspire a future generation of leaders.”
The new members will take up post on February 1, 2016 following detailed planning for their projects for the forthcoming year. They will be joined by the existing Youth Cabinet and Youth Parliament members. 
Make Your Mark 2015 – record turnout
We’re delighted to announce a record turnout for Make Your Mark 2015. Thanks to schools and youth groups across the county, the total number of ballots returned was 4,967.

The top three issues from the consultation in Northumberland were:
  • living wage
  • a curriculum to prepare us for life
  • transport
These issues were then debated in the House of Commons and more information on this debate can be found on the UK Youth Parliament pages.
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Alternatively you can email for more information.

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