Committees & meetings

Committees & meetings

Find out more about our committees, when future meetings will be held, access the relevant papers and find the minutes from previous meetings.

Committee meetings

Here you can access agendas, reports and minutes from our committee meetings.

Committee meeting diary
Northumberland County Council operates many committees who have a responsibility for a specific area of work. These committees scrutinise, advise, take decisions and also develop policy.

Forward plan
The forward plan contains items expected to be key issues for the cabinet over the next four months. It’s updated every month.
Meeting papers
Committee papers are minutes, agendas and reports. Each set of documents is unique to the meeting they are prepared for. The agenda is the list of points to be discussed at a meeting.

Minutes are the record of what happened at a meeting. Minutes are kept as a draft until they have been approved by a subsequent meeting of the committee as a true record.

If complex matters are discussed at a meeting, officers prepare a report which explains the background to the proposals or to the situation being reported. Some reports include recommendations for action; others are simply for information. 
Previous committees and meetings
Agendas, reports and minutes prior to May 2013, and those of county council and district/borough councils before April 2009, can be provided on request.

However, this is subject to their availability under the provisions of the Local Government Act 1972.

If they involve the disclosure of exempt information as defined in part I of schedule 12A of the act, the public are not entitled to the information.

Exempt categories include:
  • information about individual people
  • certain economic, financial and legal details
  • negotiations and consultations
  • enactments
  • investigations into crime and disorder
Contact democratic services
For assistance, please contact:

Committee Services
Democratic Services
Corporate Resources Directorate
Northumberland County Council
County Hall
NE61 2EF

Video archive of Council meetings

Recorded videos of public meetings held at County Hall, Morpeth.

Public meeting of the County Council 3 Jan 2018


This Video remains the copyright of Northumberland County Council and shouldn’t be reproduced without permission.
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00:00 - Apologies for Absence of missing members

00:16 - Notes from last meeting

05:50 - Disclosure of members interests

09:10 - Notices / Announcements / New Years Honours List

11:20 - Correspondence

13:35 - Questions

52:07 - Minutes from Cabinet Meetings

52:51 - Minutes from Committee Meetings

1:26:39  - Notices of Motion

1:35:00 - Report of the Director of Finance

1:39:12 - Report of the Monitoring Officer

1:42:43 - Report of the Head of Planning Services