Northumberland Youth Service

Northumberland Youth Service

The statutory youth service works with young people aged 13 – 19 and up to 25 years for those with additional needs.

Northumberland Youth Service

Youth work offers young people opportunities of various kinds in their leisure time that complement those they have in their home life, school, college and work.

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About the youth service

Youth work aims to help young people discover and develop their personal resources of body, mind and spirit to better equip them to live a creative and responsible life as part of a free society.
Activities are designed around you so that they are often challenging, usually a learning experience but always enjoyable.
We provide these opportunities outside of normal school hours in your spare time. Northumberland is a big county so we have divided the youth service into three areas.
We also provide the National Citizen Service for 16 and 17 year olds, for more information on NCS and how to sign up, visit our pages here.

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Northumberland Youth Service
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Northumbria House
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