Support for foster carers

Support for foster carers

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Whether you are new to fostering or experienced, we're here to support you every step of the way.

A dedicated fostering team

We'll help with child placement and you’ll have a network of professionals, support groups and foster families to aid you. We'll always be at the end of a telephone line, buddy you up with an experienced foster carer, and give you financial support and discounts for venues and activities.

Educational support

We help fostered children and young people find places at school and give them additional educational support.

Children's support team

Our team works with families in the community, giving support seven days a week during the day and into the evenings.

Health & wellbeing

We assist you in making sure fostered children's health needs are looked after and supported by medical professionals.

Local support groups & a network of foster families

Foster carer group meetings are a great place for learning from other families and receive specialist advice. Unlike most fostering agencies, we offer group meetings close to you - in a variety of locations across the county.

Financial support

As a full-time foster carer you get a fee each week, 52 weeks a year, regardless of whether you have a child staying with you. When you are caring for a child, you will also receive a fostering allowance on top of your fee. 

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If you have already entered the fostering process, you will find additional information here.